Australian food industry launches the world's least aggressive voluntary self-regulation effort

Waiting for any industry to self-regulate is just silly. Honestly, the job of the industry is to protect and promote sales, and this of course applies to the food industry as well.

Self-regulation tends to escape altruism or do the right thing, but rather as a means of preventing legislative regulatory efforts that in turn will prove more detrimental to sales.

Take this recent initiative from Australia, which will see the food industry not advertise its garbage to children within 150 meters of schools. 150 whole meters! Although it is certainly not possible to do anything, it will probably be very useless school buses will be excluded, of course it will be the bus stops.

Oh, and as long as it doesn't have teeth, it's also voluntary.

Really, the only thing this initiative will do is provide the food industry with ammunition if and when it faces calls for legislation (which we hear more and more calls for) and pretend to be interested in anything other than profits.

It is always better to remember, as I have written before, the food industry is neither a friend, nor an enemy, nor a partner.