Anti-aging simple recipe

Food and Beverage

Dr. Bread, Peeling Bread, Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the World Anti-Aging Association, said that when baking flour, it produces a substance that not only The bread crust is blackened and sweetened, and the enzyme is activated to deactivate the free radicals that cause aging and to fight cancer.

Drinking half a catty of water every two hours The reduction of water in the skin cells is an important cause of wrinkles on the skin. Goldman suggested that you should drink 236 ml of water every 1 to 2 hours, which is about half a catty of water.

Running breakfast in an hour Dr. Huang Ying, a member of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, believes that this is done to control blood sugar levels. And there must be no shortage of vegetables, fruits and various natural vitamins on the table.

Chinese dinner follows the 4:3:3 principle. That is, 40% of food comes from carbohydrates (mainly vegetables and fruits) and 30% comes from protein (eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products). Etc), the remaining 30% comes from fat (nuts, deep sea fish, etc.).

Selenium is “not old Dan” Selenium has a strong anti-oxidation effect and is known as an “anti-aging star” in trace elements. Selenium-rich foods include fish, nuts, and grains, especially millet, which is rich in selenium.

Life articles

Be sure to keep a safe distance from home appliances while sleeping. Before going to sleep, the mobile phone should be placed at least 4.6 meters away from the bed. Otherwise, the electromagnetic waves it emits will change people’s Mental state and sleep mode. This safe distance applies to electronic clocks, radios, televisions, computers, cordless phones, and more.

Quickly “get rid of” Diabetes Dr. Nick Delga, President of the US End Life Research Center, recommends that walking 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and can greatly delay physical aging Process.

After a fixed period of deep breathing Professor Paul J. Rosch, president of the American Society of Arly, said that knowing how to relieve stress will regain his youthful state. Arrange yourself a fixed relaxation time every day, take a deep breath, 10 minutes each time, 3 times a day. Field

When you unplug the first white hair and find the first wrinkle to climb the corner of your eye, is that uneasy feeling still unforgettable? Experts say that modern people have a fast pace of life and an unreasonable diet, and they will face aging earlier than the previous generation. In the medical profession abroad, doctors have long regarded aging as a disease. Here are the “exclusive tricks” of top anti-aging experts, which may help you slow down the pace of aging.