Anti-aging recipe!

There are many anti-aging drugs in Chinese medicine, such as Astragalus, Angelica, and Ginseng, which are drugs that can enhance blood circulation. Anti-aging recipe!

The choice of prescriptions will probably have some cardiotonic drugs. Like Shengmaiyin, it is often used as an anti-aging prescription. The three flavors of ginseng, Maimendong and Schisandra have a strong effect. Because of the strong heart function, you can The blood is fully supplied to the brain; the brain cells are fully nourished by the blood, and the thinking and activities of the brain are very lively. Anti-aging recipe!

The other is to look at the kidneys. The kidney of Chinese medicine is not an anatomical kidney, but also the highest command system, that is, the cerebral cortex. Therefore, prescriptions developed from kidney gas pills, such as Shaodan or Zuoguiwan and Youguiwan, are able to “return my teenager.” “. If the kidney function is enhanced, the body will return to moderate vitality. Anti-aging recipe!

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Author: Huimin Chinese Medicine