Anti-aging diet

Aging is the inevitable stage of life. Even if everyone is reluctant, there is no way to violate it. However, if you can develop good eating habits, enhance your body’s resistance and anti-oxidation, you can effectively reduce the incidence of aging-related diseases and achieve the effect of delaying aging. Of course, in addition to eating habits, friends should keep in mind that they always keep their cheerful feelings, have more curiosity about the things around them, and naturally slow down the aging speed and live younger.

To understand how to delay aging, you must first understand the reasons for accelerating aging. “Aging” in traditional Chinese medicine generally refers to the dysfunction of the five internal organs (liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney). Therefore, in order to achieve “health”, it is necessary to cultivate good eating and living habits and maintain physical and mental health. In terms of diet, it is necessary to pay more attention to the choice of food and the way of cooking.

anti-aging diet

Select natural and organic foods

In terms of food selection, you should try to choose natural ingredients to avoid adding preservatives and artificial additives. Food such as sausage, bacon, ham, etc. This is because the liver and kidney are the “chemical factories” of the human body. They can make things that the enzymes cannot digest or absorb, and turn them into urine or sweat to achieve detoxification. If the organ is unable to load when it is treated with excessive amounts of chemical substances for a long time, the body naturally develops discomfort, and it will also strengthen the destructive power of free radicals and accelerate aging. (Free radicals can chemically react with cell tissues in the body, weaken or even disable cell tissues, destroy DNA in cells, and accelerate the aging of the body.)

To avoid too much body intake Food additives, eating more natural and organic foods is believed to be a good choice. Organic food is produced by organic farming methods. The process does not use chemical fertilizers, bio-accelerators, antibiotics, etc., and is planted by rotation, composting, etc. It conforms to the natural planting and processing process, allowing the food to preserve its original taste and nutrition. Studies have shown that organic foods contain more trace elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, which are more beneficial to human health, while also protecting the natural ecology and environment, making the earth a better place.

anti-aging diet

Black health food

In fact, as you get older, free radicals in your body increase, making your body cells Oxidation of function and internal organs gives cells a chance to mutate. So everyone can eat more foods containing antioxidant vitamins (such as beta-carotene, vitamins C, E and B2), such as kale, broccoli, radish, papaya and pumpkin, which can also reduce the freedom of body cells. The destruction of the base effectively delays aging.

In addition, research in the nutrition industry in recent years has also found that the nutrients contained in natural foods are closely related to color. The arrangement of nutrient scores is best in black, followed by red, orange, yellow, dark green and so on. Some people think that “food is black,” and black food is regarded as health food. There are many kinds of black foods, including black sesame, black rice, black beans, black dates, dried laurel, black fungus, and winter mushrooms; seaweed hair, seaweed, kelp, and cardamom and black-bone chicken. Most of the food is black, which is helpful for health and anti-aging effects.

anti-aging diet

Standing on Eating Principles

In addition to eating more “antioxidant foods” and “black health foods”, we must follow the principle of healthy eating and practice. Three low and one high diet strategy. Three lows represent low fat, low sugar and low salt; one high is high fiber. Eat more vegetables and fruits, meat is mainly fish and poultry, you can also eat soy milk and cheese rich in nutrients and calcium, which is also very beneficial to the body.

Remembering high-calorie food not only increases weight, but also stimulates a large amount of insulin secretion, increases the chance of diabetes, and accelerates aging. In particular, avoid eating a lot of chocolate and desserts, because the higher the body sugar, the more easily the cell function is destroyed. As long as you can maintain the “three lows and one high” eating habits for a long time, your body will be able to shine from the inside out!

anti-aging diet

Be aware of the choice of food, everyone should also pay attention to the method of cooking. Cooking food by frying or grilling, it tastes fragrant, but it greatly increases the calories and oil content of the food, and destroys most of the vitamins such as vitamin C and B. Therefore, when cooking, steaming, burning, boiling, boiling (low-temperature cooking) and other methods should be used to heat the food with the heat of the water, reduce the oil content of the food, reduce the body’s absorption of heat, and eat healthier.

anti-aging diet

“To be healthy, to live happily, to live naturally forever!”