An excellent carrot dressing ginger

Blender's dresses are great, partly because they're fast. All in one pot, puree, and you're ready. It's a sauce I tend to do quite in the autumn, and then I keep going until winter. It is an incredibly versatile blend of favorite ingredients such as carrots, turmeric, coconut milk, ginger and sesame seeds. Also, many shallots. Which, as we know from last week, rarely wipe.
An excellent carrot dressing ginger

A versatile dressing & ways to use it

I use this dressing in green salads, grain salads, and as A + finishing touch over sautéed, frozen or semi-finished vegetables. It works nicely in cold, marinated salads and as a sauce for crudité. That's all it says, it's great in many things. Here are a few specific ways I've used recently!
An excellent carrot dressing ginger

Chopped winter salad: Add some chunks of winter citrus, in a crumbled baby romaine, endives and radicchio, and throw away with ginger carrot dressing and lots of roasted sesame seeds.

Noodle Salad: Pull the soba pasta with it and then go from there, adding other favorite seasonal ingredients – grilled vegetables, roasted seaweed, tofu or any other protein you want.

Brussels sprouts: Fry some brussels moss along these lines, transfer to a serving bowl and pour a little with the dressing.

Farro Salad: I did it as a side for the thanks – combine Farro, a lot of roasted seeds, and many or rocket in a big bowl and throw away with a generous amount of ginger carrot dressing.

Summer / early autumn: beaten with green beans and full of roasted cherry tomatoes + cooked almonds

Some of you were curious about a winter handle for the winter, which I recently published a photo of my instagram food. I'll write it down. Re-doing tonight and refining the amounts of ingredients. It is definitely a rich, winter warmer.