American college sports

American College Sports

Why do American universities attach so much to sports development?

Sports is called the facade of American universities. The competition in sports between many famous universities is no less than academic competition. The collective movement is especially respected. . American colleges and universities believe that the ability to deal with others in elite education, teamwork, leadership, competition, willpower, respect for opponents and ability to accept failure can be cultivated through sports.

American College Sports

The American university system was formed about 150 years ago. The most famous Ivy League in the United States was actually the sports league. “U.S. university sports has a very far-reaching history and foundation. It can even be said to be an important cornerstone for the development of American sports.” For example, in the Rio Olympics, the US team sent 555 athletes, of which 417 were national college sports associations. NCAA) members, university students are the absolute main force of the US Olympic delegation!

American University Sports

From the roots, what do American parents value most about children? Cultural discipline? Obviously not, the weekly assignments can be completed in twenty minutes. Creativity training? Actually, it is not. Although it will permeate many of their teaching methods, it is not the most important thing for American parents. In all the courses that cultivate creative thinking, it is almost all Asians at first glance. Is it really Asians who are smarter? Of course not, but many American parents are not so careable. So, what do American parents care most about? The answer is sports! They are absolutely willing to spend a lot of time and money on the development of children’s sports.

20 universities with the strongest sports atmosphere in the United States

1.University of Notre Dame

2.University of Southern California

3 .University of North Carolina

4.Penn State University

5.University of Missouri-Columbia

6.University of Kansas

7. University of Iowa

8.Syracuse University

9.Clemson University

10.Florida University

11.University of Florida

12.West Virginia University

13.Auburn University

14.University of Mississippi

15.Kansas State University


16.University of Connecticut

17.Virginia Tech18.University of Oklahoma

18.University of Oklahoma

19.Gonzaga University


20.University of Southern Carolina

If there is anything in the United States that is worth learning from, then the emphasis on sports is definitely the most important one. In this respect, American parents look farther than us, recognize a few words, count a few questions, not count, the child’s road is still long, strong body and hard spirit, is to accompany the child’s life. wealth.

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