Alpha-M With Great Gym Tips

They told me about this type of YouTube called Alpha M a few months back, its name is Aaron Marino but I like to use the name Alpha M as it makes it really sound like an alpha male.

I watched some of his videos and his sketch is really to make you more handsome and more attractive to women. But after watching a bunch, I really got hooked. Many good fashion and love tips even for a middle-aged man like me.

Today although I did a very good video from Alpha M. One thing I did not know earlier is that he was a natural bodybuilder champion, so his fitness level is not only high but he has a lot to share to make the best gymnotes.

The tips in this video include the following:

  1. Be sure to make curls with the correct form
  2. Do not go too far, just once a week
  3. be careful with abs, do not swing, but make sure you get good from and do not dangle your body or feet.
  4. Get a good amount of high quality protein
  5. Use a great form for pushups, if it is very difficult then modify by pushing your knees instead of your feet.
  6. Covered cardio is a great way to burn bodyfat, you also get L-Carnatine and CLA to fall bodyfat
  7. Make sure you work regularly on your feet. Do not have sharp legs
  8. Do not worry about the weight that other people use. Make sure you have muscles well and be very controllable with repetitions
  9. Do Dips, these work your chest, shoulders, and triceps, use a machine is necessary to help if not strong enough
  10. Take the workouts inside It's so important to get your body trained, this is the most important thing you can do for yourself

I really liked this video. Alpha M is very optimistic and just exudes confidence and you can say that his heart is in the right place to help people improve. In all the videos I never heard him underestimate, and in most of them she admits that she does not feel comfortable with some of the things she's talking about.

Check out this video and see some of the others, it's really great, fun, full of knowledge and fun to watch.