Alana Wylie-Reeves: Feeling comfortable with change.

In more than 250 pounds, Alana Wylie-Reeves found herself restless, frustrated, and immobile. The biggest obstacle she faced in her efforts for better mobility and health? A profound aversion to change. Here's how he found the durability to embrace the nuisance – and lose more than 60 pounds in the process.


Two years ago, Alana Wylie-Reeves could not bend to get anything out of the ground.

"If something drops on the floor I had to stay there, I had zero mobility," says Alana, 54. "If I forget something in the laundry room in the basement, I would have to think about going back to the two stairs to get it ".

Alan's weight had yo-yoed for years. At the heaviest, Alana weighed 257 pounds.

"I remember just going to get on a step ladder, but the maximum weight was 225. I could not even stand on a ladder to change a bulb," he remembers.

At the same time, she had more and more problems with her displacements at the Home Depot dye workshop in Edmonton, Alberta.

"There is a lot of bending, moving and lifting my job. It is very physically demanding and I have very hard time with it."

Alana poses for one of the first photos of the advancement of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Alana had tried dieting and casual training video, but no habits were made.

"The weight would come back, because nothing in my life would change, I could not find a way to eat with whom I could live."

But as a challenge and sometimes painful as Alana's life had become, in some ways it seemed more comfortable for her than the alternative: changing.

"As the sole parent of a single parent, we have moved a lot, always trying to keep the paycheck in front of the rent," explains Alana. "I've been through a lot of changes, I've had no change, I did not have any control."

As a result, throughout the aging, Alana's aversion to change deepens. She deliberately avoids the disorder at any cost – including her health.

"Before I was walking, saying," I hate change. "I was living my life so I was not worried, I was afraid to make changes because it was uncomfortable and scary.

In addition to all, like many mothers, Alana has found her family's priority for her own needs and well-being.

"My sacrifices, it seemed, were always for the best of the family," she says. "But we do so much and you start to abandon the effort to see what matters to you."

Taking into account the obstacles she faced, Alanna acknowledged that she would need help if she wanted to clean them and find a path to health and fitness.

With the thought of having some support, Alanna decided that, uncomfortably or not, it's time to make a change.

She was determined to figure out a way to eat that would help her lose weight and stay healthy in the long run.

Enter Coaching Nutrition Coaching.

Alana started PN Coaching and very quickly realized that the path of change would require a little more comfortable with discomfort.

Take, for example, one of the first habits in PN Coaching: eating at 80% full.

"If you practice the habit, you may feel some discomfort and resistance," says Alana. "We also want to ponder how we tackled the unpleasant things in the past."

Continuing with the habit, and reflecting how it made her feel, she helped her to realize that she could actually tolerate change.

PN courses often encourage customers to leave their comfort zone a bit at a time. Over time, instead of resisting the discomfort, Alana gradually found her choice to embrace her.

"In the beginning my workouts were just five minutes walk. That was it," he remembers. "But as I advanced, I started to apply the idea [of embracing discomfort] in a natural way. For example, by taking this difficult draft just a sting past comfortably, it runs a bit when I was on my walks just to try it, such things. "

Alana's practice goes out of her comfort zone during a training session.

Alana discovered that she actually had the ability to lean toward change: endurance.

But its resilience, the acceptance of change, will be stuck?

All the time on the PN, she has encountered many challenges in her personal life – the challenges that kept her from her goals in the past.

Her mother needed help with one of her rented properties, and Alana fell to six weeks, finding 10 kilos heavier than before.

"I stopped training and went to food without rubbish. I think about it now – but that was my "normal": Work hard, do not exercise and do not eat rubbish! "

Her second-born child came out as a transsexual. "He developed the immediate family," Alanna explains.

Her mother was in and out of the hospital due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. "Learning to meet her needs while still responding to my own is something new to me," says Alana.

She injured her back in a Spartan race.

Alana went from very immobile to get something out of the floor to compete in Spartan Races – willingly – in 18 months.

But through these rough waters, Alanna was on the way.

"I remember getting really disappointed, but I stayed in contact with coach Lisanne. We had frequent coaching calls and reminded me that I was resilient – just to show back!"

The exit from her comfort zone yielded.

Alana poured pounds, gained mobility, and went from being unable to bend to squats, deadlifts and modified impulses.

Today, at £ 196 – £ 61 lighter than when it started – daily traffic is no longer an obstacle.

"The other night, I forgot something in the laundry room and I did not even think twice, I ran under two stories and did not hesitate yet," he says. "And I can do things like squat down and rearrange rest in the fridge. I could not do that before."

Alana sees herself as someone who lives at the edge of her comfort zone.

"Gradually, my story about change, well, changed," reflects. "The change was not something I had to be cautious, something that I could embrace, a little at a time." With the help of my coach, I incorporated the idea that I am someone who can allow change – and much – to my identity ".

With her newly enticed zeal for her life, she even seeks a dreamy dream of being an interior designer / decorator and resumes a certification program that began about 15 years ago.

It turns out that the feeling of discomfort has a surprisingly pleasant side effect: happiness.

After the transformation, Alanna's family has never seen her happier.

"One of my sons said yesterday that she has never seen me happier in my life," says Alana.

And it just started.

"I have more energy for life, most people of my age are slowing down and looking at retirement and relaxation." I feel like I am 25 years old, over the last 20 years, so I'll make the next 25 big ones.

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