Again I will ask, where the hell is Canada's new food guide?

This publication was first published in June. Since then, no food guide, as well as the real chance that the driver will not be released, have influenced New Brunswick's provincial elections and just this past week an incredible dive in our juice, our food policy and our guide that has not yet been published . I can not really finish my head because it does not go far beyond politics. It is not something that the country should be proud of.

In case you lost the news, New Brunswick recently banned the sale of milk and chocolate juice in their schools.

It is a welcome move and one that will undoubtedly be adopted across the country after the long delay of publishing the next Canadian food guide.

The Canadian Food Guide, last published in 2007, inexplicably and explicitly, states that chocolate milk is a healthy choice of dairy products (which also suggests that the dairy is a magical food that requires its own food guide category is another kettle unexplained). Or maybe that is not unexplained that the advisory board of his 12 food advisers at that time was Sydney Massey, the nutrition education manager and spokesman for the BC Dairy Foundation, where their homepage at that time presented the campaign,

"Do not tell mom, but chocolate milk is good for you"

The next one will not do it.

I know this in part because, in 2014, Hasan Hutchinson, Director-General of the Canadian Health Nutrition and Health Promotion Office (the Office responsible for the Food Guide), agreed with me during the debate we had next, should not be considered as a health food by the Our food guide,

"One thing we are doing now is a review of all these things and certainly personally, I agree with Yoni that chocolate milk should not be either"

And in May 2015 he was quoted by the CMAJ about the juice he says,

"You will not see it anymore … and there will be enough new materials to come out in the coming months. "

I also know this because even McDonald 's estimates that chocolate milk, with more calories and a drop of sugar per drop than Coca – Cola, should not be offered to children.

So here is my first question.

If, in 2007, the Canadian Food Guide had explained that chocolate milk is going to dairy for apples and that it should be treated as a treatment instead of a healthy diet and that not, the juice is not the same as the wrist, do you think we would see these real responses and comments published on Facebook and the CBC article in response to news from New Brunswick?

"How the devil may be juice bad for you I doubt orange and apple and cranberry juice is bad for your health CFDA would forbid things for decades"

"It's crazy and stupid, especially since school officials compare the natural sugars found in cocoa that make it chocolate to artificially added high fructose corn syrup used for Coca-Cola sweeteners."

"As for the juices selling apple and orange at school, so now they are called us apple and EU juices are bad."

"I agree, pop and juice fine. Chocolate milk is full of nutrients."

Because the thing is, although no one has shops with the Canadian food guide in hand, his recommendations cross national consciousness. And more so in this position, they inform school food policies. As soon as the new food guide is published, and if it is expressly recommended to restrict sugar and sugar sweetener juice, all provinces will soon comply with New Brunswick (unless of course the conservatives, as promised before their election, to abolish the ban).

And here is the most appropriate question. It was 5 years as Dr. Hutchinson agreed that chocolate milk should be outside the Food Guide menu 3.5 years as it went into recording stating that the days of the juice are also numbered, so how is it that we still wait?

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