After the symptoms of liver cancer appear, check it in time.

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If people want to diagnose liver cancer in time, you can use In this method, this method is to use B-mode ultrasound examination, which can show the size, shape, location of the tumor, and the presence or absence of cancerous thrombus in the hepatic vein or portal vein. The diagnostic coincidence rate can reach 84%, and the diameter can be found. A lesion of centimeters or less is currently a better non-invasive method of positioning and value.

After the symptoms of liver cancer, proceed promptly Correct inspection

After discovering the symptoms of liver cancer, you can use this method to check. This method has a high resolution and can detect a diameter of about 1.0 cm. In the early stage of liver cancer, the use of enhanced scans helps identify hemangiomas.

After the symptoms of liver cancer, proceed promptly The correct check

is consistent with the diagnosis of liver cancer, the rate is as high as 90%. But it is expensive. It is still not universally applicable, so everyone knows how to check liver cancer, and then do a proper check. Therefore, if you suspect that you have liver cancer, you must use this method to check, and the liver shadow is enlarged in the abdominal perspective or plain film.

After the symptoms of liver cancer, proceed promptly Correct examination

The cancer in the right lobe of the liver is often seen. The right diaphragm is elevated, the activity is limited or there is a localized bulge, located in the left lobe of the liver or huge liver cancer. X-ray barium meal examination showed that the stomach and transverse colon were pushed.

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