After the cancer experts themselves developed cancer, they realized seven anti-cancer truths!

Speaking of cancer, I believe no one knows more about cancer than an oncologist. But when a cancer treatment expert has cancer, he is more able to experience the painful experience of cancer, and he is more aware than ordinary people!

The cancer treatment expert today is the dean of Taiwan’s Ma Rong Memorial Hospital, a well-known obstetrician and gynaecological cancer treatment expert, Yang Yuzheng.

 After cancer experts themselves develop cancer, they realize seven anti-cancer truths!

Yang Yuzheng

Yang Yu is an expert in obstetrics and women’s cancer treatment, and is also a lymphoma patient who has twice struggled on the verge of death. After nearly 40 years of practicing medicine, Yang Yuzheng has personally greeted countless new life and sent away countless cancer patients. Such a doctor, after being reborn in cancer, has an invaluable experience. Because no one is closer to life than to him, close to death. After suffering from cancer, he realized seven anti-cancer truths!

Treat cancer experts have cancer!

A cancer expert has cancer and realizes seven anti-cancer truths!

I have just taken over as the dean for less than 3 months, and I feel that the gums have different “numbness”. When I eat, brush my teeth or touch with my fingers, every time my gums touch foreign things, it seems to touch the objects through the gloves. Feeling slow and unreal.

After a month, it evolved into trigeminal neuralgia, and the right cheek twitched like pain. The source of pain was clearly at the exit point of the trigeminal nerve below the eyelid. I asked the dentist to help diagnose, but because the problem was not in the mouth, the dentist suggested that I go to the otolaryngologist.

Second time, after I went to the otolaryngology department, the initial judgment was trigeminal neuralgia. The most common cause was viral infection. Therefore, I first opened the painkiller and gave me further observation.

After about another month, when I was attending a dinner party, I felt bad because there was a big bump in the back of the ear and I was shocked when I touched it. The first association, Of course, I thought it was a bad thing, especially my father died of thyroid cancer. So after the party ended, I immediately arranged a detailed inspection.

The result is: there is a tumor of five or six centimeters in the paranasal sinus, which is “it” causes trigeminal neuralgia! The next day, the slice report was released, proving that I was a B-cell lymphoma.

In the face of the emotional process at every stage of cancer, I have experienced so profoundly: denial, anger, bargaining, frustration, and finally acceptance.

After suffering from cancer, realize seven anti-cancer truths

1long-term depression will get cancer

In the early stages of illness, such an unbalanced mood It has been a while that has been entangled with me for some time. It is very difficult for me to accept calmly. It is the unbearable slander and attack that I suffered in the year before I fell ill. It made me depressed and depressed. Maybe I planted my cause.

Early studies have shown that depression leads to depression and affects the body’s immune system. With cancer, I want to be unhappy with myself during that time.

2Anti-cancer is only a prescription, no prescriptions

“How is Yang Yangfu, how do you raise your body?” Many people are curious to ask I.

However, my “health cheats” may have to disappoint those who expect alternative remedies. I really have the same feelings, knowing what to do, not having a little bit of hiding, and the health care strategy after cancer is completely consistent with the “prescription” that I have always prescribed for my patients.

Body conditioning, but three major elements: eat right, move hard, sleep well. The law of life, the body naturally has vitality. At this point, I am proud to say: “I am a model student!”

3 Exercise anti-cancer, persevere

The regular life after illness, even praise me very much The wife has to say that she respects my persistence.

I get up at 5:40 every morning, go to bed at 9:30 in the evening, and take a 30-minute lunch break at noon. I only have a little relaxation on Sunday and I will wake up in the morning until 6:00.

There is no “vacation” in the sports section. I am now going to go out before 6 o’clock in the morning every day, jogging and walking in the park near my home, maintaining one to two kilometers.

Now I am jogging every day and joking. If you run in the morning, you will do qigong at night; if you don’t have time to run in the morning because of your official business trip, you will do qigong at home and go running in the evening. The principle of maintaining health is actually so simple, and the difficulty can only be implemented.

Sports is not just to boost your metabolism, exercise your strength, but to make you feel refreshed every day, go out with a good mood, and bring to the people around you. breath. The morbid state disappeared.

4 Eat more dark vegetables during chemotherapy

The most common anti-cancer paradox in clinical practice is to change the vegetarian diet immediately after cancer, and think that this can eliminate the body’s toxins.

In fact, the diet of cancer patients should have a phased strategy. There is no problem with vegetarian diet, and there is no problem in eating meat. However, the proportion and demand of vegetables and meat in different treatment stages and recovery conditions, Each is different.

Clinical patients after surgery and chemotherapy need to maintain physical strength and improve immunity. If you only eat vegetables, your physical and nutritional needs may not be met. If you cause malnutrition or anemia, Affect the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Therefore, a vegan diet or an organic diet is not appropriate in the active cancer treatment phase.

There is enough calories at this stage, and the amount of protein intake should not be less. In particular, I also took high-dose chemotherapy plus target treatment, and the immunity was suppressed more severely.

The nutrient that is most closely related to immunity is protein, so I eat enough dark vegetables during chemotherapy and, if necessary, add vitamins to improve my immunity.

5A small amount of white meat + vegetables after a stable condition

The fragrant and bitter nature of vegetables is the best gift of nature. After becoming a patient, the only change in my diet is that all three meals are eaten at home, and my wife will prepare meals for me. These dishes and meals are cultivated by our trusted friends. Besides, there is no shortage of rare food. tonic.

At the beginning of 2013, after more than half a year from the last chemotherapy, my blood test report showed that the number of blood cells and globulins returned to normal, indicating that immunity has risen. I started the second phase of the diet, and the strategy changed from fleshy and multi-protein to multi-velocity and multi-fiber.

I took out the red meat that was originally eaten in order to prevent anemia, and put on a small amount of low-fat white meat. Plus, I have always had a little high blood sugar and strictly controlled carbohydrates. Intake, the amount of staple food per meal is reduced to six full.

But I will never eat raw food at first. Despite the recovery of immunity, the constitution of cancer patients can not withstand the test of various infectious diseases. If the pathogens and parasites in the raw food are not clean, it may be a trivial matter for the average person, but for cancer patients, it may be Big storm, this risk is not necessary to bear.

6 family members are the most precious assets in life

For most of my life, our family life is based on my work. Before she could go home and “cooperate” with her retirement, she took the “cancer” home and threw herself and her illness.

In those days, we were able to communicate with each other by telephone on the ward, and suddenly there was a sadness in my heart: If I have any self-proclaimed achievements in my career or society, I don’t think so. There is a companion who can rely on each other.

Family is the most precious asset in life. When life comes to the end, when death is close at hand, you will know more – no, not only know, but also deeply understand.

7 Love and friendship supplements also make up the heart

The chemotherapy does cause bad appetite and poor appetite. Once you can’t eat anything, you can’t get any nutrients. During this time, my wife spent a lot of time cooking, often changing the taste, so that I could ignite interest in the food and let the nutrients I need urgently into my body.

What impressed me even more was that during the hospitalization, students, colleagues, relatives and secretaries, and shifts prepared food for me. A friend who had a brain tumor many years ago, I led him to seek medical treatment and take care of his wife. At this point the roles are interchanged, the person lying on the bed becomes me, and the person who cares for him is replaced by him.

The years in the sickbed, the brain is particularly clear, and my heart is very quiet. I examine and reflect on my past life. Some things may not be handled well. Some of my personality has gradually become more harmonious through time washing. . However, these simple and beautiful friendships make me feel good. I think, I must have done some “good things” on this road!

In the long chemotherapy process, I can get pneumocystic pneumonia twice. And the horrible sneak attack of sepsis, in addition to the medical team’s perfect diagnosis and medication, their body is quite good, these friends and relatives’ “replenishment and replenishment” really contributed.