After the breakup, I am drunk and unconscious every day.

I am after the breakup, I am drunk and unconscious every day.

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Real emotion

The first time I saw her was a university At the time of military training, she was the model of their class. When she passed by our class, she was attracted to her at first sight. I don’t know if this is a love at first sight. Intuition tells me that I like this girl. .

I later found out that she was a department with us. Through the knowledge of my friends, I got to know each other slowly with her. She is a little taller than me. I feel that there is still a lot of pressure to chase her. I am not in a hurry to confess my heart to him.

After a long time, she may feel my good feelings for her, but she seems to have no such call to me, but through my unremitting efforts, when the sophomore is about to end, I finally Caught up with her, so we are together.

There is nothing to say in the kind of love, people say that the love of the campus is living in the “ivory tower”.

After graduation, she chose to come to our city to find a job, and I was very happy. Later she worked as a salesperson in a 4s store in our city. I also studied car related majors, and I was working as a maintenance person in another 4s shop. We rented a house together.

Because I have lived all the time, it’s all fulfilled. Have their own work. I thought that this would be a lifetime for each other. I usually talk about getting married. I also took her to my house, and I can see that my mother likes her very much.

But the days passed, life began to change slowly, and we began to argue slowly. It is also getting more and more. In the trivial things in life, she also began to complain, saying that she would buy this one to buy that one. Who makes me like her so much, as long as she wants, I will try to satisfy her. Also said that the size of the house. I have to rent a big one…

At the time I just came out to work, maybe the economic conditions are relatively poor, and I can’t give her the best,

but later One day, she told me to break up with me. At that time, I was very depressed. She said that we often quarreled. I have nothing to do with me. I am not in love. Say I can’t give her the life she wants. Also said that some people in the company like her.

I was very angry at the time. But what about me? I recently used alcohol to numb myself every night. Every day I find friends to accompany me to drink, and my friends will come to persuade me, but every time they see me drinking unconscious. I was drunk, so I asked them to accompany me to drink. They didn’t dare to come. They should say that they didn’t want to see me drinking so much.

But I really can’t let go.