Advanced cancer!

The uncle of Zhang’s wife detected the late stage of cancer, and the doctor said that there are still up to three months. During this time, Grandpa Zhang stayed in front of his wife’s bed every day. These days, my wife has never blinked. The eldest son and the second son are coming. They must guard the mother and send her the last trip. The three sons have not yet worked in the South, and the sons of the old people are catching up with the college entrance examination.

This day, everyone stayed in front of the hospital bed, Zhang Auntie suddenly came to the spirit, she opened her eyes, eyes gliding from everyone, and then laboriously said: “The last son, the last son did not come?

The last son is the nickname of the three sons. He works in the south. If he wants to take time off, he must find someone to replace him. Yesterday he finally found someone, and now he is heading home, and two days have arrived. I can see what Zhang Auntie is like now. Maybe she can’t do it anymore. Uncle Zhang thinks that she has to stay with her for two days so that she can see her younger son. So Grandpa Zhang went to the doctor to find a solution. The doctor thought about it and said, “Would you like to try to lose some albumin to the aunt?”

Reading the dividing line

Zhang Aunt lost Two bottles of albumin, the spirit is really better. Two days later, the last son came. When he entered the room, he rushed to the bed and said, “Mom, I am coming.”

Zhang Aunt looked at the last moment, nodded gratifiedly, and suddenly said again. : “Small handsome, Xiaoshuai is coming?”

Shaoshuai is the son of the eldest son. These days, he is catching up with the college entrance examination. He is not accompanied by the college entrance examination. Uncle Zhang quietly called his eldest son to the outhouse and anxiously asked: “How many days does the Xiaoshuai exam still have?” The eldest son said: “You will start the exam tomorrow, and you will have the afternoon after tomorrow.”

Mr. Zhang sees his wife in this situation, afraid that she will not be able to support the day after tomorrow, she will go to the hospital to prescribe medicine. After Zhang Auntie’s infusion, she finally managed to squat for two more days. The grandmother finally led Xiaoshuai.

Little Shuai called a few times in front of his grandmother’s bed. Zhang Da Niang opened her eyes and glanced at Xiaoshuai. He held his hand and spoke unspeakably. He said intermittently: “You, You are Yue Yue, Yue Yue, do you know how much Grandma wants you? Yue Yue, you should never leave!” When she said this, tears appeared in her eyes.

Reading and dividing line

The joy of Zhang Auntie is the daughter of the third son. A few years ago, the last son and daughter-in-law went to work in the south, and even Yue Yue also went there to study, Yue Yue went, and did not come back for several years.

Zhang Auntie said that the whole family was very moved: don’t look at her, she can’t recognize people. In fact, I understand it. Now I’m less happy with my family, even though I haven’t seen it for a few years. It’s the same, but my loved one is a relative. Zhang Auntie still thinks about this granddaughter in her heart. She can’t forget it when she stays!

When Zhang Auntie said this, the youngest son had no words at the end. When he came, everyone asked him why he didn’t come with the whole family. He said that Yue Yue is studying, and his wife’s factory is also very tight, and he can’t come.

Afterwards, Grandpa Zhang pulled the end to the side and said, “Why don’t you come to Yue Yue? If you have a hard time, you have to ask her to see her grandmother!”

Reading and dividing line

The last minute is silent for a while, take out the mobile phone, and dial out while walking. After a while, he came back and said to Grandpa Zhang: “I told Xia Zi, she said that she would bring the child right away and wait a few more days.”

Dr. Zhang unconsciously, on the hospital bed. His wife said: “His mother, Yue Yue is coming, you have to hold on!”

The next few days, Zhang Auntie couldn’t open her eyes, but her mouth kept on. Speaking and listening carefully, it is clearly Yue Yue. Zhang Daye’s heart is not a taste. He knows his wife’s mind: Every child is her heart, and the more she sees it, the more she thinks.