Acknowledgement to foreign planners

July 15th is Sunday, the rainy sunny evening, the net red community of Yulin Street in Wuhou District – Yudong East Road Community Yudong Garden is full of people, a Chinese and Western cuisine The party is being held here. Chicken, egg-baked cake, shredded rabbit, and pork. In order to thank the foreign planners for their hard work in the past few days, the residents have brought out their own good dishes and set up a banquet in the garden.

 Acknowledgments from foreign planners for the dam banquet

International friends come to the community to do for the residents Planning

On July 10th, the Yulin Street Community Planner International Training Camp project, undertaken by Wuhou District Xinhang Social Work Service Center, kicked off. Well-known landscape design teams from Chiba University in Japan and University of Sheffield in the UK are based on the characteristics of local communities in Chengdu, and explore new development paths of old communities with communities and residents.

“Our residents and design enthusiasts are interested in community building and home construction, but our capabilities are not enough. Therefore, Yulin Sub-district Office recruits public welfare planners from around the world to teach you from landscape design. To the spatial planning and micro-landscape renewal, we will improve and plan our life from all aspects of changing our public space.” Yang Jinhui, secretary of Yulin East Road Community.

It is understood that Yulin Street explores party building to lead community development and governance, and innovates the pilot community planner system. With “Flower Open Yulin” as the carrier, it recruits 167 public welfare community planners globally, through integration of social professional planning. The resources of the division will lead the community residents to carry out planning and practice on the micro-update point of the community, integrate the professional knowledge with the residents, and mobilize the community to participate in community renewal and community building.

The professor from Chiba University in Japan started with the design of international landscape architecture and introduced the related concepts of Japanese community planning. Helen Woolley, an associate professor from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, introduced the theory of community planning and the practice cases in the UK to the residents from the perspective of landscape renewal planning and design.

The training camp set up a joint workshop in the community. The Yudong Park and Yulin Street No. 7 Hospital in Yulin Street were used as training bases to conduct on-site investigation and mapping of the planned sites. Carry out the practice of community landscape renewal planning and construction, and the Yulin local residents community planners and youth planners jointly discuss the update plan of the community landscape.

Beautiful residents prepare vegan food for foreigners

In the evening of July 15th, the weather was fine, and the small square in the Yulin East Road community was very lively. . In order to welcome foreign friends from afar, show the food culture of Yulin, let the community family and the planner training camp team to communicate intimately, the community residents have brought out their own good dishes, and set up a dam banquet in the yard. Grandpa Chen’s egg-baked cake, Wang’s hand-baked roast rabbit, Long Niang’s pork and garlic white meat, Xin Niang’s colorful vegetable dumplings, and sausages, bacon, skewers, marinated chicken feet and sugar brought by more than a dozen families. Vinegar ribs, tomato scrambled eggs, pots and pans… Foreign friends looked happy.

After a few days of contact, the residents noticed that three foreign friends were vegan. Therefore, they specially invited a vegetarian friend to get nutritious and delicious dumplings and fruit and vegetable salads. The fillings were filled with delicious ingredients such as pine mushrooms. “This International Planner Training Camp came to Yudong on the 10th. They helped us plan and design beautiful and warm homes together. In getting along, we found some of their preferences and knew that some people did not eat, so carefully prepared. Hope They can also feel at home in a foreign country.” The careful residents said. The three vegetarian foreign friends knew about this warm-hearted move and even said “VERY GOOD”.

In addition to food, the dam banquet party also has cultural performances: chorus, martial arts, taekwondo, street dance… The scene is really free. “HELLO, welcome everyone to our beautiful Yulin. Our food is delicious, the show is good-looking, people are very warm, come here to make you happy and have good memories!” The residents on the scene enthusiastically introduced to international friends.

 Acknowledgements to the residents of foreign planners for the dam banquet