About relationship establishment and obedience of dog and master (select article)

Many people say that they feel that the dog is timid, or that they are biting the wrong dog, and will not find the reason from themselves. In fact, less than one-tenth of the dog’s character is congenital. Many of the dogs that affect us are us because we don’t understand their body and behavioral language, which causes the dog to behave wrongly. Missed the best correction or the timing of the lead, as the puppy grows up, when he is qualitative, he has a psychological shadow on many things or a conditioned reflex, but the owner is ignorant or overwhelmed. . As a result, this negative impact deepens the accumulation of dogs, and when one day the dogs are exposed to new things they have not touched, their reactions will be unnatural or unhealthy. Then, it has spawned a bite, or a timid dog.

About the relationship between dog and owner and obedience ( Featured article)

We know that no matter what dog, character culture, it will be basically formed before the age of one, this time the dog is still from the psychological age Belonging to puppies, they are very capable of exploring and accepting many things. So most people will also let the dog receive some subject training during this time period. For this training, many people use food. In fact, this is my resentment. Why, just like chasing girls, the first time I used money to buy a few hundred bags, the girl is very happy. So the second time I did the same, but the girl’s psychology has changed at this time, because she will buy him a few hundred bags for such an easy thing, this time I want that thousand pieces of clothes. Or you can buy shoes. Therefore, this situation will only intensify. The girl is insatiable, and she will tell you to break up when you can’t meet her physical or psychological needs one day. The same applies to dogs. You don’t care for the first time when he doesn’t fully trust you. When you find that food has induced him to do something, many people will have extremes. The idea that many people will be angry, will be angry, will give up, and even some people will appear violent. So for this, I personally think it is best to use a dog’s favorite toy. Of course, this toy has to be kept on the owner. When the dog finishes all the movements you requested, it is given to the toy. . And after the dog has played a certain time, it must be taken back by the owner. Don’t let the dog form me in the brain to do the action, I obey it in order to get the toy, such a dog will only obey the toy, not the real surrender. When I train my dog, when I do the dog’s movements in one go, I will run around with the dog for a few laps, and I will encourage it by tapping and verbally praise, because the best way to encourage is not food, not toys, and It is the joy of the owner from the heart. After all, the dog always has to go out and always contact other dogs and animals, and it is impossible to bring a toy out at any time, so when you share this joy with your dog, Dogs will also feel it.

About the relationship between the dog and the owner and obedience ( Featured article)

Return to the topic, talk about biting or biting a dog, biting people are generally divided into active and defensive attacks. Active attack performance: For example, if a dog is released, no matter what the situation, for all the people directly skip the sniffing, the gaze will directly rush to attack. The psychological thinking of this kind of dog is that I just want to kill you, there is no reason. There are many kinds of situations, and the congenital is very small. The main reason is that the dog is psychologically or psychologically traumatized at an early age or at a certain time. For example, he is bitten by other dogs without any precautions. Or being beaten, this time the dog’s performance is scary. Some dogs may be afraid of it. Some dogs may turn this fear into an attack. At this time, his mind will tell him. I will be bitten by the brain, so I have to start with a strong hand. Because many masters don’t know where the reason is and how to correct it, the dog’s psychology has been in this kind of depression, and the unhealthy thought has been evolving, and the situation will become worse and worse, and then form a conditioned reflex. Let’s talk about defensive attacks on dogs. These dogs usually have signs before attacking people or dogs, such as whine, low snoring, fangs, hair standing, eyes gazing and so on. Many owners do not stop or properly guide the dog when it begins to have such negative emotions, or it is not the correct way to lead the dog to make a special move.

About the relationship between dog and owner and obedience ( Featured article)

Ok, let’s talk about how to correct it. For the active attack, the dog is best to proceed step by step. First, give him a mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is for the safety of others. On the other hand, it makes the dog form a conditional reflex: the mouthpiece is equal to me. Aggressiveness is equal to relaxation. Therefore, it is best to take a positive reinforcement method when bringing a mask to a dog for the first time. For example, first take a mask and smell it for the dog, give it a snack, then put a small snack in the mask and let the dog Use your own sniffing instinct to eat the snacks in the mask, then slowly bring the mask back to the ground and then take it down and give it a snack. Slowly put the mask over the dog’s mouth for a long time until it can be completely The mouthpiece is brought up so that the dog will form a positive conditional reflex that “the mask is rewarding and relaxing”, and the mask will be fully trusted. The next step is a walk. Many people feel that walking does not improve the dog, but the fact is the opposite. As long as the dog can focus on you while walking, it will help him to consume energy. At the same time, walking with dogs can also be a basic obedience to the owner. This is the most direct and effective way to help the master consolidate his position. This process can never be saved. After the dog has consumed a part of the energy and completely relaxed, he can take him to the dog. At this time, the best dog character is gentle and relaxed. Only this positive emotion can really help the dog. At this time, your dog can be sniffed by the gentle dog, because the first step is to tell him how he should communicate in a different way. After that, you can take a walk with two dogs, let the gentle dog affect your dog, and let go of all when they are relaxed. At this time, the owner should observe his dog in a calm and confident state. Don’t always think: my dog ​​will kill the dog. Be aware that your negative emotions will affect your dog. When the dog is too focused on the docile dog, the owner immediately intervenes. This method can be to pull the leash, or use the electric neck ring. The purpose is not to hurt the dog, but to let him focus on the dog. Move away and let him know that his behavior is wrong and must stop immediately, because too much attention, he may make a special thing in the next step. This step-by-step wait until the dog can really achieve peace and get along with the dog when the dog is in contact with the person, the same way, but the contact person is the best, if the person is too concerned about the dog will only make the dog uneasy and lead to the dog Attack desires may still trigger an attack.

About dog relationship with the owner and obedience ( Featured article)

In addition, for defensive attacks, it is best to find a dog with a stable and docile character, and bring the mouthpiece in the same way. When the dog appears sobbing, squatting, fangs, hair standing, eyes gazing and so on, the owner immediately corrects it. You can use the leash, you can touch it with your hands, but it is not touching, and the touch will only promote him. mood. The purpose is also to return to God, let the dog break free from that state. Correct every time, don’t miss it any time, the dog will learn how to communicate in the right way is correct. Substitute, the same method, but it is best to find someone who ignores the existence of the dog, and don’t be afraid of the dog. In addition, it is said that when the dog has begun to obey (expressed as the ear is turned back, the body is pressed down, completely relaxed), at this time the owner can give encouragement to appease her such relaxed mood, and the helper also You can slowly join in to appease, let the dog know that it is good for him. If he does not do these things, others will encourage me and strengthen his conditional reflex. Step by step, don’t let the dog really relax.

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