A true story every day: my experience

Handcuffs, knocking on watermelons

When I was young, I was definitely a bad child, and I also took a lot of naps.

About 6-7 years old, big summer, hot irritability, home and my brother and two, do not want to go out to play in the sun, then ran to the cool room at home to see what The fun stuff, my brother immediately found the play, and played with the big cat who caught the mouse in the cool room.

I am afraid of animals like dogs and cats, and they are far away. I don’t know where to find a hammer, just knock it here, knocking it, and suddenly I saw a net of watermelon, handcuffs, and hammered watermelon with a small hammer.

,,, after a while, all the watermelons were knocked out by me a lot of holes, and the watermelon juice flowed to the ground.

After I finished, I suddenly realized that I was stupid.

Then pretending to be calm and my brother said: Let’s go back to take a nap.

Fortunately, my brother did not find it.

Then I waited for the final judgment. As a result, after a few days, it seems that no one has found that watermelon has been knocked out by me. Every day after the family returns, I will cut the melon and eat melon. Nothing unusual, I also looked at the melon skin, not bad at all.

Finally, I took the courage to go to the cool room and saw what made me scalp numb now: except for a few net watermelons, each one is intact, but the seal of watermelon juice is There is a big circle.

Can you think of my arrogance at the time? ?

For a long time, I can’t figure out what is going on. Is it a dream in the cold room?

Who has such an experience? ? ? One true story per day: my experience

City Hall in the City

The family moved from the flag to the city, and I went from elementary school to junior high school.

At the time, in the city center, next to the supply and marketing community building, there was a flat-structured building, about 5-6 square meters. It was empty when I first saw it. People said that this is a ghost building. When the night is quiet, there will always be high-heeled shoes or old-fashioned voices, which is terrifying.

What is even more terrifying is that this haunted house is just on the way to school.

Because of the rise of junior high school, I have to study early and catch up with the winter. Basically, I have to pass through the road every day. I am used to a mammoth and rushing over, but I once again smashed my hand. .

One morning, the sky was still dark. I parked by the car and stopped by the building. The ghosts stopped the bicycle, approached the building, and then supported the ears, trying to hear the horrible sound.






Nima! Really sound! ! ! ! !

The more terrifying thing is that the sound is from far and near, and I am coming. I turned around and flew to the bicycle. I quickly left, and I rode 500 meters. Because I was too nervous, I was too nervous. The road was black, fell, and the right forearm fractured.

Afterwards, every day, there was a shadow.

In the second year, I didn’t know who was packing the building, opened a disco, and later opened the leeks, and later it was a pharmacy. Anyway, I never went in.