A story lets you understand what is sharing the economy and what is the economic multiplier?

a The story lets you understand what is sharing the economy and what is the economic multiplier?

A story tells you what is sharing economy and what is economy Multiply?

There is a pharaoh who opens the noodle restaurant. He does a good job, there is a The diners who often come to the noodle restaurant to eat. Xiao Chen will come to Lao Wang’s noodle restaurant almost every week to eat noodles.

Suddenly one day, Lao Wang said to Xiao Chen: “Xiao Chen, my name is Lao Wang, the boss of this noodle restaurant. Is my family good?”

Small Chen said: “It’s delicious! I like it very much, or how can I come to eat it every week?”

Pharaoh said: “Since it is delicious, I want to talk to you about a cooperation plan. “Would you like to cooperate with me?”

Xiao Chen said: “Speak and listen.”

This Pharaoh said that the cooperation plan is like this, since you are Like the face of our family, this is also affirmation for our family, then I formally invite you to become a partner of my Laowang noodle restaurant today. The partners have the following points:

You will come to my house to eat noodles as before. I used to come to my house to eat noodles, and I have never discounted it. Now you are not over. Now you are Partner, you come to my house to eat 20% off, if a friend asks you where the noodle shop is delicious? You just need to say, “Pharaoh’s face is really delicious. You should report my name and let the boss give you a 20% discount.” Friends who have your name to eat noodles, they give you a bowl of milk every time they eat a bowl. . They recommend friends to eat noodles, and I will reward you with 2 bowls per bowl.

Xiao Chen said: “Okay!”

So afterwards, Xiao Chen introduced some friends to the Laowang noodle restaurant to eat noodles.

Getting benefits

When the end of the month, Pharaoh said to Xiao Chen: “Because of your introduction, the business of this month’s store is better than before, this is in accordance with our prior The agreed one thousand yuan reward for you.”

Xiao Chen thought, “Hey, this is not bad? I am moving things, and brought me so much extra income.” /p>

Multiplier effect

After a few days, Xiao Chen is going to prepare for the exam. He is very busy this month. He has no time to help Lao Wang introduce people to the noodle restaurant. I will come to the noodle restaurant to eat noodles and chat with everyone.

One day, Pharaoh took Xiao Chen and gave him 6,000 yuan. Xiao Chen was very surprised and determined not to accept the money. At this time, Pharaoh said: “The friends you introduced last time. After they ate, they felt that the taste was really different from other noodle restaurants. Since then they often come and they also introduced their friends to eat. I also rewarded them. These are what you deserve. Thanks to your introduction, my noodle restaurant will have such a prosperous business now.”

Xiao Chen couldn’t say gratitude, since then, Xiao Chen and Pharaoh’s noodle restaurant have been long Cooperation goes on.


This is the sharing economy model!

Experts: Sharing the economy is simply saying “everyone is for me, I am for everyone”

From this story we can see a complete model of sharing the economy, Xiao Chen Sharing their own idle friends resources, and Lao Wang uses a small amount of compensation to achieve a virtuous circle, and finally the sharing of the real-life economy, the business of the Laowang noodle restaurant is getting better and better, and Xiao Chen has also obtained some unexpected income.