A simple, brown rice Sushi bowl

I first published this recipe in 2007, on page 156 at Super Natural Cooking – the Sushi bowl. Looking back at the recipes included in this book, this is one that has remained a personal favorite of me (top five for sure), and from what many of you have been told, it's been one of the favorite for many of you. In simple terms, we are talking about a de-made roll of sushi – brown rice, tofu, avocado, toasted rice and green onions served with a sweet, sweet citrus soy sauce. When I do not have the toast in hand, I switch to a handful of crushed chips.
Brown rice sushi bowl

The citrus espresso

This way of dressing. Make a quick simmering a little orange and lemon juice, and then season with a little brown sugar and rice vinegar. I wrote the recipe that calls for orange and lemon, but I often make dressing with grapefruit or orange juice and it is extremely good – the sweet taste of citrus that overlays the grains of rice in every sushi bowl.
Brown rice sushi bowl

So! If you love avocado rolls, this is a cheated version in bowl form. So simple, especially if you have cooked brown rice ready. This is the sushi bowl of today's lunch, made with chips in the place of the roasted clouds.

Sushi Bowl-ing

When I first wrote this recipe, it was considered as a lazy way to enjoy my favorite sushi rolls. In an attempt to anticipate the comments related to sushi and bowls, I will leave you with it. I think there is occasional confusion with the idea of ​​a sushi bowl, because the perception is that the sushi is the same roll. But, as Haruhiko says in the comments that follow, "Sushi is a term technically referenced in seasoned rice. There are makizushi, inarizushi, chiraishizushi, etc. And what they have in common is the ripened rice. You do not need raw fish for sushi to be sushi "xo Haruhiko! I hope this helps!