A simple asparagus soup – 101 cookbooks

It is season asparagus soup. The markets here have shifted from yellow and orange citrus spheres to green asparagus, baskets of artichokes, green garlic bouquets, and tiny ring phagas. There is a huge mess of purple lilac and eggs for sale in shades of cream, soft blue, and soft mocha. I have minced the artichokes every night this week and I did twice the asparagus.

Simple asparagus soup

Do you remember the simple carrot soup I had shown a little behind? This is the version of asparagus soup. Trade in asparagus for carrots, then bit a bit depending on what I have in the kitchen. But, really, it just goes to show how you can evolve your favorite recipes as the seasons change. For lunch, I could chill her off, grab one of the baked eggs I tried to keep in the refrigerator (picture below) and then roast for something crisp – nuts, crackers, seeds. Alternatively, you can keep it simple (video version) and choose chives and a chopped citrus or lemon oil. Leave it!


Simple asparagus soup

The above version is illustrated with grated hard boiled egg, crackers and a crem fraiche mug. The video version is chopped chives with a few of their flowers, and a finely chopped black oil. Or, to get things in another direction, lemon or nice extra virgin olive oil would also be good choices.