A really great vegan ramen recipe

Today we are going to tackle vegan ramen. It's hard to beat noodles from a large bowl of unstable, aromatic broth and I'd like to share how big bowls can come together relatively easily, all year long. Ramen is incredibly versatile and I play fast and loose with the idea as a whole. You can customize the pasta, tare, broth base and overlays. I'll talk through a number of ways you can play around below. The goal here is to give you a big jump. This approach allows you to knit it on a weekday night based on what you have available.

A really great vegan ramen recipe (and four seasons of ideas)

What makes a great vegetarian or vegan ramen?

If I eat out and there is a vegetarian or vegan ramen on the menu, I will order it. I've had some incredible versions, but overall they can be very salty and oily. This version is not this. In fact, part of what I love about making ramen at home is that you can supervise your broth to be exactly what you like. You can really personalize it. This version provides a rich walnut milk broth. Add your favorite pasta, a seasonal bubble and the spicy curcuma to finish.

A really great vegan ramen recipe (and four seasons of ideas)

How to choose your spaghetti

There are many different noodles you can use here. Look for fresh udon or ramen noodles, or hold a variety of dried noodles in hand for last-minute ramen. Soba noodles work great. I've also used some of the whole grains, and they're pretty good. The one in the photo is a brown millet and brown rice.

What is Miso Tare?

Think of this as a spice paste for your ramen broth. I've included a basic recipe here, but please (!) Use it as a jump. It is good to adapt to other chopped herbs and spices. My main tip here – make a big batch of miso tare and keep it on hand. I keep some in the fridge, and most of it is frozen. This is the secret to the fast radio of the week. If you avoid soy, use a miso chickpea.

The importance of the big broth

You want to get the broth right. My favorite broth base for this is a blend of homemade milk and almond milk. It has a beautiful body and taste, and fits well with pasta. That being said, there are many nights when I feel lazy, and I grumble about almond milk in the fridge. Still delicious.

The secret clockwork weapon

This is another item you can keep in hand. Both in the fridge and in the freezer. If you have everything you need to make a bowl of lipstick but you don't have the spice oil – chew on a spice with something spicy from the spices in your fridge or mix some crumbly bite flakes in a little warm oil, and use it Finish or toss raw vegetables.

Keep your Vegan Ramen Seasonal

The ramen you see is a late summer version, but part of the fun here is adjusting through the year. Quickly sprinkle vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower in the water for the last minute, and drain everything together. You do not need to take an extra pot.

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