A poem every day – 521, my dream

One poem per day - 521, my dream

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521, my dream


520 night fireworks Uncooled

The scent of roses is still spreading

The edge of the palm has not yet been realized

I dreamed of looking forward

521 crystal dew has already come to the night

In the elegant elegance of Yulan Musk

In the fiery passion of pomegranate flowers

Come in the green swaying sway of the lotus scent

When I am a sail, you are a lighthouse

When I am a Venus, you are a sunflower.

Daily A poem - 521, my dream

521 a warm and romantic Commitment

is a hug a kiss

A deep affection

I am holding your hand

Walk in the depths of the red dust

It’s the tacit understanding of the mind.

It’s a promise to cherish life.

It’s two obsessed morning glory

I’m in you. /p>

The love of this life

Do not forget the initial heart…

2017, 5, 20

A daily poem - 521, my dream