A personal request for help

And so it begins (again).

This month we promise to raise something from a lip-inspired lip lip in the name of raising awareness (and $ s) about men's health.

If you enjoy my blog that does not make a profit, I would like to ask you to donate my efforts to raise money from Movember. I drove them with a donation of $ 100 myself and I hope you help me to increase more than 4,500 last year.

Contrary to what some people think, Movember is not a philanthropy of prostate cancer per se, and although some of his funds support the research and treatment of prostate cancer, Movember supports the health initiatives of many men, including those who mental health, suicide, testicular cancer, substance abuse disorders and much more. Regarding prostate cancer, I'm glad to see that Movember encourages patients to talk to their doctors about the value (or lack of) PSA detection instead of suggesting that it's a good idea for everyone.

Donation is easy. Just click here and give it! And of course, Movember is a registered charity, so all donations are totally deductible.

In return, I swear to continue writing freely, never allowing ads and regularly publishing photographs of what could be an effective form of birth control at home if I did it all the year.

For me the question is also personal. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer when I was in the medical school and soon will need to start fighting with whether or not with this strong family history, I should walk the slippery test slope. My oldest cousin Marshall – we lost him in the opioids.

Every dollar counts, the donation is not very small.

(And if you want, you can make your donation anonymously so that no one (including me) knows how to touch here from time to time.)

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