A daily music: I can give you 10 months of peace!

One day, Xiaozhi asks Xiao Wang and asks: “I didn’t express my confession. If I am embarrassed to say that I am numb, can you teach me not to say that I love you, marry me, you can convey love? “?”

When Wang thought about it, he immediately replied: “I can give you 10 months of peace!”

———– ———————

I am going, this sentence is too strong, there is wood! ‍‍‍‍

Yester and my wife were on the road, my wife pretended to push me on the road,

I: “There is something wrong, I don’t have a head.”

Wife: “There is something wrong, the family has hope!”

The son said in the back: “Well, I can lose hundreds of thousands!”

I. . .


A daily music: I can give you 10 Peace of the month!

—————- —————-

Two teenagers have different expressions

Daily Music: I can give you 10 months of peace!

————————- ——-

Sorry, I laughed. . .

 Daily music: I can give you 10 months of peace!

—– —————————

“Thirty-six” is explained in this way, strong!

Wei Wei Zhao: The son is addicted to the arcade, and when he buys a computer, he can save his son.

Killing a knife: There is a opinion on a certain king, and a dangerous virus is stolen into his computer, but this is prepared… .

Easy to work: Run windows with 386

95, you’d better hold a cup of tea and let the hard drive go.

Bonfire: If the computer is broken, don’t go to the “underground repair department”. Otherwise your computer may be hit hard again.

Sounds east: buy a computer, try to run both things If you look at your heart, what if you kill a carbine?

There is nothing in the middle: When you negotiate with your wife to buy a computer, you often boast about the computer and add a few beautiful auras. When you get married, your wife will never make trouble. Divorce?

Dark Chu Chencang: Play games with wimdows under the eyes of the boss, work clearly, and conceal “internal strength.”


— —————————–

Dad teaches son’s quantifier: “Describe the larger animals generally use ‘ Head’, it is relatively thin to use ‘only’. . . “

The son immediately said: “Dad, I know, our family should be a father, a mother is right?”

2. An official of the Wildlife Conservation Society is promoting the meaning of protecting animals to children. In order to deepen the child’s impression, he said: “You can’t prey on animals. It’s no good, you eat.” What animal will become what will come in the afterlife, eat a snake will become a snake, eat a bear paw will become a bear. Children, now you know what to eat, right?

The children replied in unison: “Eat people!”

3, the teacher arranged the essay questions, write a proposal on ecological balance.

Xiao Ming wrote: less wood, a variety of trees.


After the old public room, wait for me, I When I got to the door and wanted to tease him, I whispered outside the door: 306, the lady you called came, opened the door!

Whoever opened the door next door, a man came out and said to me: I will come to my side after a while!

—————————— —

Woman: “Boss, how much does it cost to pay for it?

The little boss looked at her and said: “Maybe 20 yuan, maybe 4,000 yuan.” ”

Woman: “Why? ”

Small boss: “Weigh 20 yuan once, and the scale is crushed by 4,000 yuan.


One month black Wind is high! I walked alone on the road, seeing an old man holding a flashlight, exactly the same as my flashlight!!

I thought that the man was my dad and went forward, just ready to open his mouth, that person But first talked: “Shut up! Plus you are already the third person tonight to call me! ! ! !

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