A close look at the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Class.

The co-founder of Precision Nutrition Dr. John Berardi gives you a glimpse into Level 2 certification.
(In addition, industry leaders share their thoughts on the program).

Why the main level 2 certification level?

Part master course, part masters degree, part mentorship, this is the only course in the world designed to help you master the art of diet training, leading to better results for your customers and a better business for you. To find out why we created it and what you can expect from it, watch the video below.

People come to Level 2 to develop their ownership (and derive greater satisfaction from) their coaching. They also end up gaining more customers, retaining them longer and producing better results.

Level 2 Certificates Postgraduate Stories

Precision Nutrition trusts top-level fitness professionals worldwide. Let's see what they have to say about Level 2 certification:

"Level 2 gave me more confidence, the fact that it was personal, that my coach really took the time to guide me, made a world of difference, now as a trainer, I am constantly climbing the bar."
– Adam Feit, MS, CSCS

"As a coach, you want to give everything to your customers – all the tools they need, but too much at the same time makes no difference. Level 2 certification helps you practice a basic PN master: The program changed me and who I am as coach and that's why I'm able to make change easier for other people. "
– Alex Picot-Annand, registered holistic nutritionist

"If you want to help people in the greatest, most meaningful way possible, to help them change their lives, Level 2 certification provides you with everything you need to achieve this. I asked to work on Precision Nutrition so I could train. "
– Will Boggs, MD, Internal Medicine

"Before going to Level 2, I was telling clients what to do, rather than helping them find out what they needed to do. Level 2 showed me how to guide clients to make those decisions and take ownership."
– Mary Kate Fate, MEd, CSCS

"Level 2 certification teaches you how to find and remove the limiting factor to allow a whole host of positive events to occur. If you are a nutrition coach, performance coach, behavior coach – if you are a coach – this program provides you with all the essentials tools to help anyone with anything. "
– Adam Lloyd, CSCS

"Level 2 certification is pushing you harder and further, in different directions than you ever thought you could go as a coach, pushing me to learn some lessons that have definitely influenced patient care. Having access to a coach Krista Scott – Dixon's caliber is worth its weight in gold. "
– Spencer Nadolsky, Obesity and Family Medicine Physician