7-week-old baby was hospitalized with stroke bleu after hitting Rogue Softball

An infant from Iowa makes slow but steady progress in recovering after being hit on a head by a softball.

As Lee Hovenga celebrated playing on a softball leisure game on May 2, his wife Kassy Hovenga took a seat in the kiosks behind the third base with their 7-week-old McKenna daughter, according to a Facebook page created by relatives and friends of the family.

In addition to checks and routes, the game marked McKenna's first outing, a place in the group, Healing For McKenna, detailed.

When another pair of teams took the pitch, Lee took a break and helped Kassy cover herself with a blanket to nurse McKenna. But, with their attention diverted away from the field, the couple did not notice when a softball started over the fence in their direction.

While the softball hit Kassy on the bicep, the couple did not know that McKenna was affected – until she started screaming a few seconds later and formed a big piece on her head.

According to the Facebook team, the infant was immediately taken to Waverly's nearby health center in Waverly, Iowa, and then to the St. Mary's Hospital in Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Just in Minnesota, doctors placed McKenna in anti-epileptic drugs as they faced for skull fractures and two brain haemorrhages.

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During the hours and days after the blow, baby McKenna suffered multiple seizures, some of which last for about 10 to 15 minutes, with many of them returning to groups. McKenna was soon found in a "deep coma" and placed in a snorkel, according to Healing For McKenna.

On May 4, medical staff performed a CT scan at McKenna and found one of the bleeding in her brain had increased. Soon they ordered a blood transfusion, reported an update to the Facebook team.

Another CT scan during the weekend showed McKenna was stable, but, according to Facebook, doctors remain unsure of any brain damage he could suffer. The family will not know its rank – or even some damage – until it proceeds further with its recovery. From Sunday, a post about Treatment for McKenna announced that it had been seized free of charge for more than two days.

Lee and Kassy refused to comment when people arrived, saying in a statement that they "want to focus our strength and time on McKenna's care and comfort."

The family recently created a YouCaring donation page to help with McKenna's medical treatment. The supporters of the site have already collected about $ 35,000 from their $ 50,000 target since Tuesday, which the family says will only go on McKenna's current and future medical expenses.

Donations – no matter how small – can help the couple at one of their toughest moments.

"Lee and Kassy went through three rounds in vitro to have McKenna on top of other infertility treatments," said Laura, a relative of the couple. "This has caused them a very crash."