6 & # 39; hand-portions & # 39; body transformations to see

You already have the key to transforming your body.

Seriously. It's actually yours face.

We are talking about your hand.

In case you didn't know … here at Precision Nutrition, we developed a food monitoring system called hand parts.

The basics: Your hand acts as a personalized, portable portion tool to help you eat proper meals.

  • Yours palm is a part of it protein
  • Yours punch is a part of it vegetables
  • Yours with the hand is a part of it carbohydrates
  • Yours thumb is a part of it Fat

Depending on your gender, age, weight, activity level and goals, you consume a certain amount per serving daily. Ideal for whole, nutrient-dense foods.

This is.

It seems so easy at first that people often do not think it will work. "Where's all the calorie math ?!" are wondering.

And yet, the biggest problems often have the simplest solutions.

This simple method has been transformed countless of course.

Rigorous calorie counting and measurement work well for some people and some goals. But from our coaching experience of over 100,000 clients, most people are able to use hand segments to "watch what they eat"Reliable and stable.

And when you are going to get the results you want, what you do is very important.

That's why we share these six incredible transformation stories.

Every person we have configured – from an already customized trainer to an office worker facing a health phobia – has used this simple system to achieve his or her spiritual results, without the need for any calorie measurement, food scale or monitoring app.


# 1: The office worker faces a health phobia.

Tony Yavasile's pressure was out of control.

Besides, he is seriously concerned about the family history of diabetes and obesity.

But with a fast-paced job that included a ton of travel, it was difficult for Tony to insist on a healthy diet plan.

The turning point: One of his foreign colleagues said he was looking a little, well, larger.

So Tony arrived at Precision Nutrition ProCoach Arthur Hernandez and embarked on an annual fitness program to improve his health.

At first, Tony was skeptical about the parts of the hands. "My first impression was that this was a fad; something like measuring points," he says.

However, the system soon sounds. "What I found useful and different from other ways of tracking food was that it was effortless," he says.

He also loved that he didn't have to take out his phone and enter numbers into an app. Or use a food scale. "It's a simple and easy method that can be used in any setting, at any time, with any meal."

This is especially true for restaurant meals. "When you apply the hand method to the plate of food delivered to your table, you can only recognize how well balanced restaurant meals are in general. For me, this was the biggest game of change."

By the end of the year, Tony had lost 44 pounds and a total of 44 inches. His blood pressure also returned to the "green" zone. He now uses what he has learned to maintain his progress.

"Like any other life journey, I have the occasional setback," Tony says. "But unlike in the past, I have the tools to get through and get back on track."

Case Study # 2: The woman who went from over-consuming to trusting in the process.

When Sarah Terry's 24-year-old husband joined the army, the couple moved to Camp Humphreys in South Korea. While it was exciting to live in a new country, it was also emotionally challenging.

"I relied on comfort food because I was overwhelmed," says Sarah. Think about it: cooking (and eating) a whole kilo of pasta at a time.

But the first time she visited a temple in her new home, Sarah found that she only had one matching dress. "I cried and I cried because I hadn't realized how much weight I was really getting," he says.

Then Sarah decided to make a change and she joined Accurate nutrition coaching program.

Like many others, Sarah had doubts that hand parts would be effective. "It seemed too good to be true," he says. After years of being bombarded with messages about food scales, calories, macros and measuring tools, Sarah was convinced it couldn't be so easy. "I've always felt that there was a more complex response to food and weight loss."

As a former calorie counter, Sarah was worried she would give her full practice. At first, she was still trying to understand the calorie count in her hands.

"Eventually I learned to trust the process," says Sarah.

After losing 45 pounds in one year, Sarah says she is proud of how far she has come.

"I didn't have to cut food groups. I didn't need fancy belly tools or special beets or meal replacement supplements or mosquitoes. Learning that they needed only myself – my hand – and the ability to form new habits changed my life."

Case Study # 3: The Coach Who Needed a Bus. (It paid off big time.)

Even coaches need coaching. That's why Jesse Vang, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, hired a colleague to help him look and feel better. "I did, and more than I expected," says Jesse, now 31 years old.

At the start of the program, the 5 & # 39; 7 "trainer weighed in at 157 pounds and was 17 percent body fat. During the following year, Jesse followed a detailed strength training routine four days a week, incorporating a HIIT workout or two every week.

But the big transformer, according to Jesse: hand parts. (Surprise!)

"For years, I was a dedicated calorie meter. But it wasn't viable for me," he says. "I didn't really focus on the quality of the food I was eating. Instead of that, I had a goal to reach a certain number and there were days when I would eat nothing just to get there."

Jesse was really relieved when the coach gave him the option to use the parts of his hand instead.

Already familiar with the tracking, Jesse found a system to ensure it met the day's share of goals – without the hassle of detailed logging. "I made it as simple as possible using the Notes app on my iPhone," she explains. After he had eaten a portion of it, you would simply put it on his list for the day.

This helped Jesse watch his portions without feeling stuck in a rigid meal plan. "The beauty of the hand method is the versatility. If I ate a little more carbohydrates at lunch, then I would have just thrown my carbohydrates to the next meal. Following this method saved me so much time and energy."

By the end of the year, Jesse was 147kg and 8.6 percent body fat. (That means he lost 14 pounds of fat and gained four pounds of muscle.) But even better, he used his personal experience to help clients: "My clients follow the same approach and they all have similar success."

Case Study # 4: The woman who stopped pursuing perfection and regaining her health.

When Laurie Campbell, 54, started Precision Nutrition Coaching, she was the heaviest she ever had. "My larger clothes were very tight and it seemed easier to stay home with my husband's elastic yoga pants and loose-fitting t-shirts, eating countless chips bags that always remained convenient," he says.

Losing weight was definitely a goal, but Laurie wanted more than that.

Looking back, there comes a time: playing with one of her granddaughters on the floor. The little girl jumped and left and Laurie couldn't get up quickly to follow her.

“It was terrifying for me to realize that I had lost so much mobility and strength when I was once a greedy racer who did a lot of sports and physical activity,” says Laurie.

In the past, Laurie has been measuring calories thoroughly. "I have weighed myself and counted everything. I don't think it encouraged a very healthy relationship with food. "

By setting the impossible standards for herself, Laurie herself set about the extreme peaks and low that come with chasing the "perfect diet."

But when it went to hand parts? "I found it to be a relief," he says. (We hear it a lot.)

The handbags also helped Laurie understand how she could have gained weight in the first place. "I realized that I was serving myself the same as my husband, who is much older than me," she says.

By the end of the program, Laurie had lost 38 pounds and 24 inches. Since then, he has lost another five pounds while maintaining what he has learned.

"I feel fantastic right now! I'm no longer determined by food, nutrition and perseverance," says Laurie. "I'm not afraid to have dessert, but at the same time I've learned to keep these chips out of the closet."

And best of all? "I can easily keep up with my grandchildren now. Well, most of the time!"

Case study # 5: The trainer who got shredded as an experiment.

Ultimate body composition goals may require more precise nutrition strategies. Usually, this means using calories and / or measuring macronutrients.

However, 34-year-old Luke Robinson, Nutrition Level 2 precision coach and owner of WolfPack Fitness, wondered if he had so be it.

After his clients asked him a series of questions about hand portions, Luke decided to do an experiment to see if hand portions could get him lean at a competitive level – but without spending the whole day in the gym . He knew that the average person faced several nutritional challenges such as:

  • "I do not have time."
  • "I don't want to stop drinking."
  • "I don't want to give up my favorite snack."

Unless he adjusted his habits during his experiment, Lucas believed that many people would not find his results proportional or convincing. So he set the following instructions for himself:

  • He could work 3 times a week.
  • Workouts had to be 30 minutes or less.
  • The workouts had to be done using only slag pieces (which cost $ 2 each), bricks (50 cents / each) and a metal bar from the cord. Expensive fitness equipment is not allowed.
  • Training could only include the basics of strength training: deadlifts, pushups, squats, rows, pullups, split squats, farmer rides, sideboards and plank variants.
  • He had to drink "drunk" at least once a week (for him, that was 3 to 4 vodka and cocktail soda).
  • He had to eat "junk food" at least once a week (such as candy, sugary breakfast cereals, fatty fast food, cookies, and so on).

Like Jesse, he watched how many servings of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and fats he ate. This makes it easy to customize as needed.

If he had not lost weight, he would have reduced his carbohydrates or fat by one or two portions a day. If he had lost weight too fast, he would have had to add one or two carbs or portions of fat per day.

This made it unnecessary for Luke to count calories or macros – even though he had achieved high quality results. "You don't need to know the exact macros or calories of anything," he says. "You just have to know it's more or less than what you did last week."

In just two months, Luke went from 212 pounds to 200, completing his goal of going from lean to super lean. As you can see from his photos, the results speak for themselves.

Case Study # 6: The Mom Who Got the Best Shape of Her Life.

After baby number two, 37-year-old Kelley Derner spent nine months working with longtime trainer Arthur Hernandez (clearly an expert on hands!) To get back to baseline before pregnancy.

But he wanted more. "I promised that this time I would do something for myself alone. After all I went through childbirth, including depression and anxiety, I needed it," says Kelley.

When her progress stopped, however, Hernández suggested trying something new: serving portions.

Kelley wasn't immediately sold on the idea. It didn't look quite like her food. "At first, I thought I probably wouldn't come back again," laughs Kelley.

He was also concerned that he would not be able to properly measure portions.

Despite her reservations, Kelley tried it. Over time, he began to learn what the shares looked like her body. "When I realized what portion sizes I should really eat, I was shocked," says Kelley.

In addition, he discovered that it was possible to eat whole, nutrients. And that even if she ate "clean", over-consumption ceased to neutralize her goals.

For example, using her palm as a benchmark, Kelley saw that it didn't take the whole chicken breast to make a portion of lean protein. "I thought 'well, it's chicken and that's healthy', but it was really much more than I needed. Now I cut them in the middle. "

Her caffeine? "The hand segments are not restrictive. They're going to show you what's right."

As for her results, Kelley says she feels amazing. "I'll be 38 in a month and look the best I've ever seen in my life – even after two kids."

What to do next …

Challenge yourself to try something different.

When we are comfortable with a certain way of doing things, it can be difficult to change things.

As you read in these stories, many people were formerly calorie counters. And many of them had a difficult time giving it.

Therefore, if you are not willing to give up calorie counting, macro counting or any other portion control method, ask yourself:

"How does this work for me?"

Do you see the results you want with the methods you are currently using? If not, it's worth experimenting with something new – even if it feels a little awkward at first.

Use our Nutrition Calculator to understand the custom parts of your hands.

If you want to try out hand parts but aren't sure where to start, check us out Nutrition Calculator.

All you have to do is enter your personal information such as age, current weight and height, along with your goals and when you want to achieve them. You can also list your eating preferences, such as Vegetable, Old, Mediterranean, Keto and much more.

The calculator then puts together a personalized guide that includes the personalized parts of your hands (as well as your macros in grams if you're curious!). In addition, it will give you everything you need to know about applying hand parts in practice.

Stay flexible … but consistent.

One of the reasons people are so successful with their hands is that the system is very flexible.

Need more energy for your athletic performance? Add some carbohydrates.

Not losing weight? Remove part of the grease.

No calculations required.

At the same time, cohesion matters. What you do on a consistent basis is this really drives your results.

And fortunately, flexibility allows you to adjust your diet in a way that allows you to do just that: be consistent.

So, as you start experimenting with hand parts, keep an open mind. Adjust it as needed so you can get to where you want to go.

And every time you hit a snag, remember: Biggest problems often have the simplest solutions.

Do you want to help make your healthier, stronger, more powerful version?

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