57-year-old diabetic friend from fear of diabetes to victory over diabetes, how to do it?

Author Heilongjiang Ruijing Diabetes Hospital Song Chunyu

As long as you correctly understand diabetes, it is not terrible. When I was teaching in the outpatient department, I found that the contrast between the sugar friends and the diabetes is actually very big. Some pessimistic fears, some direct confrontation, some listen to it, some try to change… different contrasts, the result Naturally, they are different, some are entangled, and some are healthy with diabetes. Then, let’s share the story of a “healing diabetes friend” recovery…

Qu Shu is 57 years old. Although he has not diagnosed diabetes, his blood sugar is high and he is worried about getting diabetes. It was a burden in his heart. He said that he is particularly concerned about his health. If a person is not healthy, he can’t do anything. Therefore, I will check my body regularly. I immediately retired. I want to go out to travel and enjoy the blessing after retirement. This was not a big problem at the beginning of the year, but after a community survey half a year later, he suddenly found that blood sugar was high, and he was frightened and even depressed. I couldn’t sleep at the beginning of the night, and I was nervous every day. According to the sugar standard of diabetic patients, I measured blood sugar 7 times a day. The pain of the hand tied, this is not a big pain, I am afraid that one day I will not pay attention to the door to diabetes. At that time, he did not take any medicine. He heard that the “rich disease” of diabetes was eaten up, so he was particularly harsh on his diet, and he did not dare to eat anything. The amount of food was also strictly controlled. However, this excessive attention does not seem to help his situation, but the more nervous, the worse the sleep, the higher the blood sugar.

 57-year-old diabetic friend from diabetes to diabetes, how to do it?

There was a time later When a diabetic friend chats with other friends, he finds that all the friends around him have diabetes. Slowly, they want to open their own and start to face their blood sugar correctly. This is not the case, access to the information on the Internet, to understand that Ruijing is a specialist hospital for diabetes, close to home, came to the hospital, and systematically checked again. At that time, his glycated glycemic protein was 6.8%. The blood sugar control in the past three months was still not ideal. Outpatient experts thought that he was abnormal in glucose tolerance. Try diet adjustment and exercise coordination first. Blood sugar can be lowered. So he put Qu Shu into “common care” and recommended it to the teachers to receive guidance on diet and exercise.

It was just when I was admitted to the clinic. I talked about a lot of problems that should be paid attention to in the diabetes diet and let him know more about food. Qu Shu finally realized that “diabetes diet is not too harsh, not eating anything, but how to match.” At the same time, I talked about the benefits of exercise for postprandial blood sugar. From that time, he was too lazy to exercise, and slowly became the current love sports. It is. This is not the case, I will not forget to show my fitness results proudly.

 57-year-old diabetic friend from diabetes to diabetes, how to do it?

This year, Qu Shu again Going back to the hospital for examination, I told me that this time I checked the glycated blood sugar protein by 5.8%. Now I don’t need any medicine. Through reasonable diet and regular exercise, blood sugar has returned to normal. The most important thing is that the body state is better than before. Because I got more diet and exercise guidance, the blood sugar after the meal is particularly good now, so I only measure fasting blood sugar every day.

It’s a misunderstanding to measure only the fasting. You have to correct him. “Glucose monitoring should be done before and after meals. Don’t rely on feeling. Blood sugar is stable. We can use three meals to monitor the interval. The same is true. 7 times a week, but it is more convenient to see the problem of blood sugar, and it will not delay the time.” Qu Shu readily accepted my suggestion, saying that our “common care” teacher’s opinion helped him a lot, use him In my own words: “Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, let go of diabetes, nothing! With your guidance, that’s not a problem!”

 57-year-old diabetic friend from diabetes to diabetes, how to do it?

As long as you find the right The method, blood sugar control is stable, and you can enjoy life as well. Diabetes is our enemy and our friend, when we don’t face it correctly. It prevails and becomes our enemy and hurts our body. But when we grasp the blood sugar to gain the upper hand, it will become our friend, let us learn to be healthy and enjoy life.

 57-year-old diabetic friend from diabetes to diabetes, how to do it?

Diabetes Not terrible, as long as we face it correctly, and look for a professional diabetes institution, receive scientific self-management education and diagnosis and treatment, we will be able to reap the health and live a long life like ordinary people. What do you think?