5 ways to prioritize nutrition while reducing costs. [Infographic]

Organic products, crafts, strictly vegetarian: Yes, it's "good" for you … but it's also very expensive for most people. The good news; There They are foods that are rich in nutrients and budget-friendly. At this infographic, we will show you five ways to eat healthy with a budget – while making pleasant tasting moments.


People who struggle to eat in a healthy way often experience one or more of the following common (and very legitimate) challenges:

  • No time to cook or prepare meals.
  • Deeply rooted eating habits that provide a sense of comfort and routine.
  • ONE strong preference for french fries over broccoli in steam.

In Precision Nutrition Coaching, we have many time-saving, priority and palast development strategies to help customers overcome these obstacles.

But there is another daily barrier to good nutrition that can be a little harder to negotiate: Money.

Considering all the pressures and costs involved with people, it is understandable that eating hygiene can feel financially scary.

Unfortunately, it is true that fresh fruit and vegetables, animal protein, whole grains and nuts and seeds will cost you more than a diet with most processed and fast foods

But They are it is possible to eat a very healthy diet, even when the money is tight.

For this infographic, we've worked with Canadian Community Food Centers to offer five effective real-life strategies to help you place regular, nutritious, delicious food on the table, sometimes just a few extra minutes per meal.

The coolest place: Some of the changes in your routine can be surprisingly small – but they lead to really great benefits.

Download this infographic for your printer or tablet and continue using it the next time you plan meals or make a list of grocery stores. (And coaches: Feel free to hand over to customers who could benefit.)

Do not forget to download the version of this infographic printer or tablet. Place it in your refrigerator or cabinet for easy access. (And coaches: Share these strategies with your patients / clients to show them how healthy food can be in their health.)

Want help to make your healthier, stronger, stronger version?

Most people I know that eating plenty of fresh, total food is the key to achieving the health and body they want. But they need help to learn how to eat that way consistently, within all other priorities and demands in their lives.

Over the past 15 years, we have used Coaching Nutrition Precision to help over 100,000 customers I lose fat, Be stronger, and to improve their health… for the long-term … regardless of the challenges they face.

It is also the reason why we work with health, fitness and wellness professionals (through Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Programs) to teach them how to train their clients through the same challenges.

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