5 Self-care tips to take you through the holidays

The woman brings a turkey for her family's Friday feastMany of us would agree that managing mental health during holidays can be challenging. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the end of the year!

Remember that you are not responsible for the feelings of all, just yours. And you have the power for them. Likewise, it is useful to remember that others are not responsible for our feelings. Yes, some situations are more difficult than others, but we should not give difficult situations or people with power over us. If you find that you are upset about a holiday gathering, try using the mantra: "The situation does not control me, check with me."

Understand that it is possible to sit with uncomfortable feelings without judging them so much. It is often not the "problem" that causes misery but rather the resistance to it. If you are anxious or tired, remember that it does not mean that everything is receding or failing. Part of life is a "negative" feeling. It's there for a few times, and the feeling will not last forever. Practice let yourself point out the sensation and see where it is in your body rather than trying to escape it. You may find that it allows you to move through the feeling faster.

Do your best to show love and respect to yourself at least as much as you do to others. For example, while exercising generosity or focusing on being a "good" host or guest, you may also want to be inclined to your desire for some loneliness or other forms of self-care. Self-service may look like a long bath or massage, but it could also work deliberately by yourself to forgive your imperfections or to shift thoughts that do not empower or help.

Bring a talisman some kind in your pocket, your wallet or anywhere you can often meet the holidays. Choose an intention or purpose for a particular gathering or holiday season in general and let the little token be a reminder of this intention whenever you meet it. It may be more closely connected with your children or other family members or friends. Maybe he's paying attention, authenticity, patience or concentration. Whatever it is, having a natural reminder could help you remember what's important to you this season.

Take your exercise! Make exercise a priority and you will probably experience more energy and less stress through the holidays. Be creative if you are not able to get out of the gym! Have you made a hike at the end of the fall or on a snowy day? When is the last time you were in roller skates or danced in your living room? If there is nothing else, find an exercise video for online training.

Remember that you do not have to take up all of your problems alone. If overwhelming feelings deplete the spirit of your holiday, talking to a therapist can help.

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