5 minefields for anti-aging?

When a woman reaches a certain age, the skin aging phenomenon is very obvious, increased fine lines, loose skin, increased melanin and dark spots, all tell you that your skin has entered the aging period. Therefore, it is very important to do anti-aging. But if you are not careful, you will go into the anti-aging misunderstanding.

5 minefields for anti-aging?

First, the skin will not age= sunscreen

This is wrong, sunscreen is the most basic step, no matter when you need to sunscreen, the skin only needs UV rays. Damage, it will cause melanin precipitation, rough skin, yellowing and so on. It does not mean that you should not be anti-aging when you are doing sun protection. All kinds of work staying up late, eating irregularly, and polluting the air are all causes of skin aging. These injuries that are invisible to the naked eye, even if your skin is very good, can’t change these external injuries. Only slowly start to use some anti-aging products containing mild ingredients to prevent the skin from accelerating aging.

Second, no anti-aging= moisturizing

This is wrong, moisturizing is just a basic care for the skin, so that the skin has sufficient moisture, starting from the inside, it is indeed It is not easy to wrinkle long, but moisturizing is only a basic effect. As the collagen is slowly lost, the fine lines will increase. Nowadays, many people will instill the concept that as long as the moisturizing and hydrating, the skin will be smooth and elastic, because your skin is full of water. But anti-aging products must be used. At the age of 25, the collagen on the face is lost. If you only do moisturizing, then your face will be covered with wrinkles without knowing it.

5 minefields for anti-aging?

Three, no anti-aging= oily skin

Either skin will age, no oily skin does not need anti-aging. Although oily skin fine lines grow slowly, this does not mean that your skin is not aging. For the big oil skin, the most worrying is not the fine lines, but the anti-aging is also not to be underestimated. Choose the anti-aging products that suit your own and let the skin absorb better.

Four, the effect of anti-wrinkle products is not obvious.

When the fine lines creeped up on the face, I realized that I had played and had wrinkles. I realized this time. How important it is to anti-aging. Any skin care product can’t be effective in a short period of time. The quick effect indicates that this product contains hormones, which is equivalent to a quick-acting product. Anti-wrinkle products persist for a few months to find out if it works.

5 minefields for anti-aging?

5. Anti-aging products=evening at night

Most women think that night is the fastest time for skin care and recovery, and the absorption effect is fast. Many people only Use anti-aging products at night. Xiaobian is here to tell you that although it is the best time for skin care at night, it is also needed during the day. The daytime is the longest period of activity, and it can be used together with sunscreen.

Anti-aging should be early, and try to fight against time.