40 Essential Instant Links Pot

Because I've been experimenting with Instant Pot quite recently, I've got a lot of questions. Many times my answer is a link. A link to a video, or a link to a recipe, or a technique. So! I thought I would compose all these useful links on a list. It is (hopefully) a list that will help you answer many of your initial questions. There is a video that will lead you to your original water test, a handful of auxiliary parts, favorite recipes links, etc. I will update and add to it over time. Also! If you're still on the fence, this Instant Purchase Guide will help you choose the Instant Pot or the multi-cooking utensil that's right for you based on what you want. Enjoy!


1. Instant Water Test with Pot
2. Quick Launch Guide for Pot
3. Top Ten Instant Tips for Dandruff Press
4. Instant Mushroom in the Stroganoff Container Video
5. How to clean Instant Liner


6. The official Instant Pot website
7. The official FAQ Instant Pot
8. The official Instant Pot recipes database.
9. The official Facebook community
10. The Official Instant Performance Book: the basic cookie direct book
11. The official Instant pot manual
12. This is the Instant Pot I use.


13. Instant Stroganoff Mushroom with Vodka (most popular!)
14. Instant potting Korma pot
15.Instant Beans Fiasco Pot
16. Instant Simmer sauce with spices
17. Instant Minestrone Pot Pot
18. Instant rice cup with caramel (PIP)
19. Mushroom salt 10 minutes 10 minutes
Bonus: Instant Cold Strength Dynamics
Bonus: Slow black bean tea with Kahlua (Instant Pot slow cooking or pressure cooker) & Make – Cream four ingredients Chili Mac with the residue!
Bonus: Instant Herbed Chickpea Plov
Bonus: Slow kitchen Ribollita
Bonus: Pot Pot Snapshot (very popular!)

(all 101 recipes of instant cookbook recipes)


Gift! – Snapshot Purchasing Guide: Which Instant Pot Is Right For Me?
20. How to Use an Instant Pot: A Guide by Melissa Clark (NY Times)
21. This is the way to become a 101 cookbooks,
22. Pressure Batch Time Chart – A Good Range. (HIP Cooking)
23. Rancho Gordo Bean & Press Culinary Guide (PDF)
24. How to Clean a Direct Pressure Outbreak
25. Quick Start Guide for yourself and for you (101 Cooking Books)


26. Why do farmers love the direct pot? I bought one to learn (Times NY)
27. Instant Pot Gym is Real (TASTE)

28. Instant Pot is a phenomenon – and Indian cooks use it in the most creative ways (Mother Jones)

29. Inside the Instant Pot House, the Kitchen Gadget that Made a Religion (NY Times)

30. Sending help: I'm (kind of) falling in love with the instant container (Food52)
31. The Instant Pot Master Plan to Invade All Our Kitchens (Bon Appétit)
32. I tested the $ 99 cookware that everyone is obsessed with (Buzzfeed)

33. After cooking all my meals in an instant container for a week, I get what all the hypnosis is about (Self)

34. So you have an instant pot, now what? (Cable cutter)


35. The most popular instant recipes from 2017 (The Kitchn)

(I'll add more here over time!)


36. A glass lid: Many people buy this to use when slow cooking during the IP, just use a lid I already have for now.

37. Additional sealing rings: The rings tend to get the aroma of what you are cooking. Keep an extra ring in your hand so your cakes do not end up smelling like chili?)

38. Cable rack: For eggs, vegetables or for lifting containers from the pot's floor when cooking in a saucepan.
39. A nice steam basket.
40. For cakes and other things that you normally cook.

40 Essential Instant Links Pot