3D ginger cookies – 101 cooking books

These are the ginger cookies you want to make. Small cookies with lemon and three ginger. I can not get them enough. Broken and sugary on the outside, dense and fluid media, these chewy, tender ginger gems revitalize the senses with every bite. He helped, without a doubt, the living combination of freshly grated ginger, powdered ginger, minced crystal ginger.
Tiger ginger cookie recipeFrom a graph, they are not far from ginger, but so-called ginger do not accurately describe them – they maintain a certain inclination that tarnishes their tiny size. They blend nicely with cold, noisy afternoons. They are nicely connected with hot tea.

I should also mention, these are the types of cookies I want to do for a party – the perfect sweet-and-go sweet. I say this in part because they give a unique flavor of spicy tasting without being too much – too sugary, too big, too noisy, too decorated, etc. And if that was not enough, the smell coming from the oven while they bake is enough to make a mess.Tiger ginger cookie recipeIt took me a while to get this recipe correctly where I like – and I've found using one of the two flours works best. I made excellent results using seed flour and excellent results using wholemeal dough flour. The version you see in the photos is wheat flour of whole grain.
Tiger ginger cookie recipe

Technique (Small Secret)

And for those of you who have read it to the end … my little secret, when it comes to making these biscuits, is that – I screw the crystallized ginger to death. I'm going to this, as I try to turn it into some kind of paste. Some ginger are more abusive than others, so you will have a variety of results, but you really go to it. A dramatic mince.
Tiger ginger cookie recipe