& # 39; Superfoods & # 39; against & # 39; normal & # 39; Food: Why diet facts don't tell the whole story. [Infographic]

Many people hate good.

It does not matter that it is a so-called "over-consumption". (And yes, that is super beautiful.)

After all, you can't help what you like … or don't like.

But should you (or your customers) push for a "super food" even if you remember it?

Not necessarily.

While it is popular to put some foods on a pedestal above others, there is more to a healthy diet than the facts of the diet.

The context matters. Preferences matter. The goals are important.

It's never as simple as "good "against" evil"Or" healthy "versus" unhygienic ".

To show you why, we took a closer look at the five famous "superfoods" and their less publicized – and sometimes demonized – counterparts:

  • It is supplemented with nutrients against royal lettuce
  • Power Quinoa cereal versus plain old white rice
  • Treating Cancer Blueberries Against Banana Starch
  • Modern coconut oil over basic kitchen olive oil
  • Fatty eggs that fight fat against total maturation that raises cholesterol … or perfectly balanced whole eggs against sad-tasting egg whites (depending on your point of view)

You may be surprised at what we found.

Our goal: To empower people to choose what they eat, depending on what is most important to them, not an arbitrary list of "food" rules.

This infographic will help you do just that.

Download this infographic for your tablet or printer to help you (or your customers) stop seeing food as "good" versus "bad".

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The position of "Superfoods" versus "regular" foods: Why dietary elements don't tell the whole story. [Infographic] first appeared in Precision Nutrition.