2017’s most popular muscle and diet problems have been summarized, freshly baked ~

Having a strong physique and strong muscles is the purpose of many men (some girls) walking into the gym. In fact, to have strong muscles, not only through exercise, but also the auxiliary role of food. According to the latest questions from netizens on “Muscle and Diet” this year, 10 of the most common questions were selected and the answers were given.

2017's hottest muscle gain and diet issues have been summarized , freshly baked ~

I am very thin, how should I exercise my muscles?

This question is too general, even professional fitness instructors need to give more precise advice based on the specific circumstances of each person’s diet and body. In general, lean people tend to consume less total calories. Including many thin people who claim to be able to eat, after accurately calculating their diet, they found that the total calorie intake was not high.

It is recommended to add some protein and carbohydrates (such as an egg sandwich) before exercise based on the existing normal diet. This will prevent muscles from consuming protein to supply energy due to lack of blood sugar. Some protein (such as a cup of yogurt) is also added after exercise. Appropriately add some high-protein foods (such as nuts, lean meats, etc.) for breakfast and bedtime. The way to exercise is to focus on strength and use a larger weight (up to 8-12 weights per group).

Do you have to eat protein powder to supplement your protein?

The growth of muscle requires the participation of proteins. When the source of the protein is high-quality protein, the muscle does not distinguish between them. As an ordinary exerciser, it is only necessary to supplement some high-protein foods such as meat and egg milk on the basis of normal diet, which is enough to meet the needs of muscle growth. Most of the protein powders on the market are plant proteins, high-priced whey proteins, and even high-priced beef protein isolates (1 kilograms and thousands of dollars), which are generally not economical, taste bad, and have very low quality. Delicious and healthy boiled eggs, low fat milk and lean meat. Some people choose protein powder for two reasons: First, it saves trouble, saves the cooking process, and does not need to bother to eliminate the fat in the food; Second, follow the trend, everyone is eating, it seems unprofessional to not eat. In fact, the standard of professional athletes is the result of the practice, not the protein powder of which variety or brand.

Why do long muscles have more meals a day?

It has been shown that in terms of the effect of muscle growth, small amounts and multiple intakes of protein are indeed better than a large intake of protein at one time. However, bodybuilders divide the food of the day into 5 to 7 intakes, not so much to grow muscles better, but rather to grow fat less. Because of the normal three meals a day, the calories of each meal are relatively high, and the body may convert excess calories into fat for storage. If you take less meals, it will help smooth blood sugar and reduce the accumulation of fat.

(It should be noted that this conclusion has not been agreed in the industry, eating more meals a day and on time, the effect gap is not large)

For most people want to increase muscle For ordinary people who lose fat, properly control the amount of meals, add a protein-rich meal before and after training, and then take a little protein before going to bed to avoid the loss of muscles in their sleep. This will turn three meals a day into a one-day meal.

2017's hottest muscle gain and diet issues have been summarized , freshly baked ~

The more protein intake, the longer the muscle?

If the answer is yes, then being a muscle star is too easy. Protein is indeed an indispensable nutrient for muscle growth and has been held in a high position. In the 1970s and 1980s, even athletes ingested 1,000 grams of protein a day to pursue muscle growth. In fact, the data of a large number of athletes show that if the protein is less, it will not work. Excessive intake of protein will not bring more benefits, and even damage the body. At present, most bodybuilders recommend 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, but this recommendation is based on the training intensity of professional athletes. Ordinary people only need to add some high-protein foods based on the current diet. .

Can you lose weight without eating dinner?

This question… It’s safe to say that if the other two meals are the same, you can lose weight without eating any meal – reducing your calorie intake by a third. Can lose weight. However, in daily life, it is rare to see that one person can change the other two meals without reducing one meal. Some people even eat special food at noon in order not to eat dinner, to ensure that they are not hungry at night. It is conceivable that this not only can not lose weight, I am afraid it will increase the burden on the stomach; cause blood sugar fluctuations to be more intense, so that more heat will be converted into fat. At the same time, from the lunch of the previous day to the breakfast of the next day, the muscles will not be supplemented for nearly 20 hours, and it is likely to be lost. This is not worth the loss.

2017's hottest muscle gain and diet issues have been summarized Freshly baked~

Is it necessary to eat muscles without sugar, salt, and oil, can’t drink water?

The questioner must consider the days when the professional bodybuilders lose fat before the game as their entire life. Let’s talk about sugar, less intake of monosaccharides, and controlling the total amount of carbohydrates is of course beneficial to reduce fat. However, training also requires energy, and proper carbohydrates are still necessary. At this point, the healthy eating standards of the fitness and ordinary people are not much different – try to ensure that the blood sugar is stable, and the sugar in the diet is mainly composed of complex carbohydrates. Say salt, a low-salt diet is good for anyone’s health. The added benefit of a bodybuilder who wants to shape the body is to reduce excess water in the body. However, I am afraid that few people will suffer from the salt-free diet. Oil-free is an outdated saying that healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins are essential nutrients for the body. Good fat will not only make you fat, but will also help you maintain and improve your body shape. Not drinking water, I am afraid the most ridiculous saying, drinking more water has a lot of benefits for anyone’s body. It is true that some coaches will require athletes not to drink water during training to avoid excessive sweating and lower body temperature, but there are also reports of bodybuilders dying from water shortages.

Can vegetarians practice muscles?

In theory, all the amino acids needed to synthesize muscle can be taken by eating beans and grains, but it seems that people who are not vegan can become professional bodybuilders (excluding foreign countries). Some self-proclaimed “vegans” who only eat eggs and dairy products but do not eat meat). The study found that the effect of legume protein on muscle growth is not as good as that of high-quality animal protein, which may be due to the presence of estrogen in beans. If a vegetarian can want to increase some muscles through exercise, it can still be achieved. But if you want to have developed muscles, you still need to give up this vegetarian habit.

2017's hottest muscle gain and diet issues have been summarized , freshly baked ~

I am a girl, how to do the muscles of the training is difficult to see?

This problem may be the most expensive problem for professional fitness instructors. First of all, it is impossible for a girl to train the muscles of a bodybuilder. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of muscular women: 1. experienced unimaginable hard training; 2. took hormonal drugs; 3. has very few talents. Normally, strength training only slightly increases the muscle volume of the girl, but at the same time it brings a variety of benefits such as tall, firm, and symmetrical. In addition, with the development of society, girls should be obsolete, quiet, and white, and girls with healthy sunshine, no flesh and some muscle lines are more and more attractive. So, girls, feel free to lift dumbbells and barbells.

2017 The most popular muscle and diet issues have been summarized , freshly baked ~

What effect does smoking and drinking have on long muscles?

There is a joke saying that a fitness enthusiast asks the coach: “Can you exercise and smoke and drink?” The coach said: “No.” Another person asked: “Drinking and smoking.” Can people practice muscles?” The coach said happily: “Of course!” On the surface, the coach’s two answers seem contradictory, but it’s not.

In addition to causing various diseases, smoking also affects the body’s blood circulation and impedes muscle supply. Drinking affects the absorption and utilization of nutrients, leaving the body with moisture and affecting body shape. If you train in a hangover state, the risk of accidental injuries will increase significantly. Smoking and drinking can also make your physical strength significantly worse, and you can’t even afford a large amount of training.

Fitness is for health, while maintaining health and harming health, of course not. People who drink and smoke use fitness to make up for the damage. Although it is also contradictory, it is always better than nothing. There are indeed bodybuilders who smoke and drink, but bad habits are not the reason for their muscle development.

If you want to lose weight by exercise instead of gaining muscle, should you not eat meat?

In fact, the opposite is true. The most important thing for bodybuilders to lose weight is the intake of quality meat. Controlling the diet should first control the food that is most likely to become fat, that is, too much fat and carbohydrates. High-quality meat such as chicken breast, aquatic products, and lean beef is not only low in calories, but also provides high-quality protein to avoid muscle loss during weight loss. And such food can also bring a feeling of fullness, so as not to be overly hungry and difficult to adhere to. Exercise can be healthy to lose weight with a reasonable diet rather than excessive dieting.

2017's hottest muscle gain and diet issues have been summarized , freshly baked ~

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