20 years old who disappeared while the jog was found dead more than a month later

Twenty-year-old college student Iowa, Mollie Tibbetts, who disappeared in mid-July after a routine rotation around the city, was found dead early Tuesday in a field not far from where it disappeared, according to a police source.

The source says the body was in a field in Poweshiek County.

Confirmation is pending but the authorities are convinced that it belongs to Tibbetts, according to the source.

Additional details about the discovery – a sad ending in a quest that garnered national attention – were not readily available.

State interrogators are holding a press conference Tuesday afternoon on the case, a spokesman said. He refused to comment further on THE PEOPLE.

Tibbetts, who was appointed a sophomore at the University of Iowa studying psychology, was last seen live on the night of July 18 while in Brooklyn, Poweshiek County where she lived.

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She stayed with her Dalton Jack friend at the house of her older brother Blake Jack and was a doggie while the two brothers Jack were outside the city.

After returning for some exercise, she was spotted in her clothes and her friend told ABC News that she had opened a snapchat photo from that night, though it is not clear when she was sent.

Then Timbez disappeared. Her family said she was missing the next day after she failed to appear for work.

Both Dalton and Blake have been cleared as potential suspects since the start of the investigation.

Her mother, Laura Calderwood, called the mystery around what happened with her "torture".

"[There are] there are no words to describe how you feel when you do not know where or how your child is, "he said in an interview with ABC.

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Rob Tibbetts, Mollie's father, could not be approached directly for comments by people, but he spoke frankly about the case – even addressed directly to the potential conqueror asking her to be released.

Hundreds of people helped search for Mollie the days after his disappearance, while local authorities said they remained embarrassed by what might be the longest such case of missing people in the county in recent memory.

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A reward fund for information that led to its safe return broke the records in Iowa as hundreds of thousands of dollars were poured out.

Mollie's story also attracted great publicity in social media, with celebrities such as Brandon Routh and American IdolMaddie Poppe by sharing information about her.

"He's not just an enemy – everyone loves Mollie," said friend Alyssa King, PEOPLE, describing Mollie as always when he needed it and "always trying to make people laugh."

Mollie was scheduled to attend her friend's brother's marriage in early August, about two weeks after her failure.

The discovery of her ruins meant an end that her loved ones never expected to see.

"We know that Mollie knows how much we love her and how important she is to her family," explained Emily Heaston in the past to people, adding: "We know that Mollie wants to be home."

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