20 years of diabetes, my complications have not changed

I am 67 years old. I have been diagnosed with diabetes for 20 years. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, there were 6 complications of glaucoma, cataract, retinopathy, osteoporosis, diabetic nephropathy and neuropathy. .

Maybe many people think that so many years have passed, and my body is estimated to be dragged down by these complications, but so far, my complications have not changed, my physical condition is also very good, I think I am very lucky.

 20 years of diabetes, my complications have not changed

The second left is Ren Jian

When I was born The constitution is not very good. Asthma, the lack of calcium from childhood, is not high, and later decentralized in the countryside. In the 1990s, I was in my 40s and was laid off in the unit. Because my daughter wants to study, my work is not settled. Time pressure is greatest. At that time, I was particularly fat, 1.6 meters, 140 pounds.

For a while, I felt that my feet were not feeling like ice. The two legs were swollen and I had to go to the toilet more than 10 times in the evening. Go to the hospital to diagnose diabetes and start taking metformin.

After 10 years, the complications are on schedule, the left eye begins to appear black, and the heart is not good. Bad Mood.

To the hospital, I had a total of 6 diseases including glaucoma, cataract, macular, osteoporosis, etc., so I was hospitalized immediately, and I had a 15-day hanging needle. The effect was not very good, and I continued to be hospitalized for half a year. month.

 20 years of diabetes, my complications have not changed

Although at that time my complications have been Very serious, but I don’t have any idea about diabetes. The doctor said that I want to eat acarbose. This medicine is not very good for my hypoglycemic effect. Later I changed to eat Novo and Dragon. By 2007, I found that my hands, face and legs were swollen. I told my child: I am going to die. Go to the hospital to check the doctor and say that my proteinuria is 2 plus.

My experience

Learning sugar control through memory

After hospitalization for a while I I participated in the sugar control club of Xiangya Attachment 2, where I learned diabetes and learned to adjust myself.

Stay in class every week. At that time, I met Wang Bingheng: the article link. I didn’t have a bad eye at the time. I couldn’t always look at the screen. I relied on my memory to go back home, and then I went home, how to count a hot card, and count my weight. From that time on, my weight has not changed for more than 10 years. In the past, it was 86 pounds. Professor Liu Shiping said that I can get fat, so I gained 89 pounds.

I am serious about myself

Because my family is very oily and heavy, living with them may not control blood sugar. I will move out and live alone. When my children and grandchildren come over, I will prepare the dishes and cook them together, but I will make my own one.

My diet is very well controlled, 75 grams of noodles every morning, one egg plus a pot. Around 10:30, drink a bag of goat’s milk, I have been drinking for 6-7 years;

I have two or two staple foods at noon, one or two corns in a cup, one or two rice steamed together, plus A leek with a vegetable. Drink yogurt and dinner in the afternoon.

 20 years of diabetes, my complications have not changed

night but two or two staple foods, one amount Rice, one or two millet, add 7 lotus seeds, 2 round longan meat, now the weather is hot, I will cook 30g mung bean plus 30g millet, then eat side dishes, and then eat one or two rice with leek. Now the weather is hot, I am 30 grams of mung bean porridge, 30 grams of millet to cook together.

At night, I will drink mung bean porridge, then eat side dishes, rice and leeks. After dinner at 18:00, then go out for a walk. If it rains, I will play table tennis on the wall. Look at the 20:00 to eat millet porridge. Helps sleep. Basically, there are six meals a day. Because eating less meals is good for controlling blood sugar.

My hobbies

Every Monday afternoon I will sing in the provincial singer, singing for 8-9 years, singing in the community on Wednesday morning. I sang in Kaifu District on Thursday afternoon. Sing 4 times a week. My spare time is also very rich. Although my life has been very rough, my mentality is very good. I think this is also the reason why my blood sugar can be controlled well.