14 danger signals, indicating that diabetes is worsening, complications are coming to trouble!

For diabetics, in addition to controlling blood sugar, prevent complications. If diabetes is not properly controlled, it is very easy to cause complications. Once complications occur, it will cause the patient to die. Therefore, pay more attention to the body in daily life. When some signals appear, it is necessary to control in time to avoid complications.

 14 danger signals, indicating that diabetes is worsening and complications are coming to trouble!

Which 14 Signals indicate that diabetes complications are coming?

1, dizziness. When dizziness, palpitation, and chest tightness occur frequently, it should be noted that the patient may be reminded of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications.

2, swollen. This is to remind patients that blood sugar drops too fast and there is intracellular edema.

3, thirst. The appearance of a thirsty throat indicates that the patient’s blood sugar cannot be controlled.

4, blood pressure rises. If blood sugar can’t be controlled, it will lead to an increase in blood volume, which will lead to an increase in blood pressure.

5, bloating, constipation. Long-term good blood sugar will cause gastrointestinal function disorder, resulting in abdominal distension, constipation and so on.

6, dry skin. If skin dryness, desquamation, and itching occur, it indicates a skin infection complication.

 14 danger signals, indicating that diabetes is worsening and complications are coming to trouble!

7, numb hands and feet. If you find yourself with numbness or tingling in your hands and feet, it may indicate diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

8, skin discoloration. When the skin appears pale or dark purple, it indicates foot ischemia. When the phenomenon of ischemia is serious, it will lead to the occurrence of diabetic foot. If there is no strength treatment, there is a risk of amputation.

9, blisters appear on the skin. This is mainly caused by high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar, or increased blood pressure osmosis caused by hyperglycemia leads to increased vascular permeability.

10, the teeth are loose. If the long-term control of blood glucose is not good, it is easy to cause oral complications, and there will be loose teeth and periodontitis.

11. Blurred vision. This situation mostly occurs in middle-aged and elderly patients. If there is no clear sight, it may indicate the presence of retinopathy or cataract.

 14 danger signals, indicating that diabetes is worsening and complications are coming to trouble!

12. The object turns red. If you suddenly turn red when you see something, this is a reminder that the patient may have fundus bleeding. Because diabetes can cause retinal damage, and blood viscosity is relatively high, it is easy to form a fundus rupture, and the phenomenon of reddening of the vision appears.

13, sexual function is low. When diabetics have low sexual function, they may be reminding that autonomic function has been compromised.

14, abnormal sweating. If you find yourself sweating abnormally, some body parts sweat more, and it is also reminding that nerve function has been damaged.

Tips, because diabetes can cause various complications, so pay special attention during the control of blood sugar, especially the eyes, kidneys, feet and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, check these places regularly. In order to detect abnormalities in these parts in time, to avoid complications and serious consequences.