10 Easy Ways to Save Money and Improve Your Health in 2019

As it was my tradition, in December I rebuild the old favorites from years gone by. This year I'm looking into 2015.

Who would not want to save money and improve their health? If you are looking for some ways to do this, here are some quick thoughts:

  1. Unless you have a proven medical reason or need, stop buying vitamins and supplements that at best provide only the most marginal health benefits (estimated savings of $ 100 – $ 1,000 / year).
  2. Reduce your dinner (including seating, fast food, take-off and supermarket disembarkation) by 50% across the width (estimated savings of $ 1,000 – $ 5,000 / year depending on family size and food frequency).
  3. Never eat lunch unless someone buys it or unless you have a business obligation to do this (estimated savings of $ 500- $ 3,000 / year).
  4. Canceling cable or satellite TV, buy an HDTV antenna (so you can still watch your local sports, news and some TV) and use Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime or some other comparable service (estimated savings even after spending $ 250 – $ 1,000 / year).
  5. Buy a screwdriver or a travel mug and a large coffee maker and kick off the fantastic coffee habit (estimated savings even after the $ 100- $ 500 / year purchase)

Now, of course, there will be readers who are spending less and less on various aspects of these points, but if there are readers where all five are in place, these changes can save them between $ 1,950 and $ 10,500.

As to what to do with this unexpected?

  1. Participation in a share of CSA farms to increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables (estimated average annual cost of $ 400 – $ 1,000 depending on stock size)
  2. Join an excellent local center or fitness center (estimated annual cost of $ 200 – $ 600)
  3. Buy some fitness equipment (bicycles, skis, snowshoes, etc.) from the local market and sale (estimated cost of one year from $ 200 to $ 400)
  4. Take a cooking lesson at your local community college (estimated cost $ 100- $ 300)
  5. Save them all and use them for dramatic relieves of stress or debt relief.

(And of course, some of your personal numbers and mileage will be different.)

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